Partido para os Animais consegue grandes avanços contra a crueldade contra os animais

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Esther's blog: Multiple successes and soli­darity with animal protec­ti­o­nists in Morocco and Greece

Result! This was a month of big breakthroughs for the animals! The Dutch parliament supports three very important legislative changes by the Party for the Animals: much harsher penalties for animal torturers, a lifetime pet ban for the worst offenders and a ban on pets being killed by their owners. The Party for the Animals has been fighting for this for years. There are also positive developmen...

Ajude a orga­ni­zação marroquina de bem-estar animal a impedir a matança de cães

Um grande grupo de organizações marroquinas de bem-estar animal se uniu para impedir a matança de cães vadios em seu país e, com isso, proteger a saúde humana também. Em 2019, as autoridades marroquinas comprometeram-se a acabar com o abate de cães vadios e a investir no programa TNVR ( sigla em inglês para: Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release - Capturar, Castrar, Vacinar e Soltar), que provou ser...

More and more countries ban the export of live animals! Party for the Animals continues to increase pressure

This month saw the end of the export of live animals by sea from New Zealand. And in Brazil, too, a court ruled last week that live transports can no longer take place from the country's ports. The Party for the Animals in Europe and sister parties worldwide have been working for years to save billions of animals from the terrible long-distance transports in which structural abuses have been demon...