Virologists warn: new pandemic is being bred in industrial livestock farming

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Esther's Blog: the times are changing

The end of 2021 in sight. Unfortunately, we are still amid several crises: a climate crisis, an environmental crisis, and a health crisis. Our governments continue to invest public money in big polluters and companies that see animals as products only and ignore human rights. The Dutch government is pushing for irresponsible global warming, at the expense of younger and vulnerable groups at home a...

Animal politics on the rise in Denmark: young Vega­ner­partiet is winning ground

Last month’s elections in Denmark clearly marked the rise of a young party for animal rights and nature: the Veganerpartiet or Vegan Party. Running in elections for the very first time after being founded in 2017, the party won enough votes to firmly put itself on the political map. The Veganerpartiet advocates the rights of all animals, the protection of nature and human health. It now has all ey...