Gains for Party for the Animals in historic regional elections in the Netherlands

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Esther’s Blog: Standing together, we can make the dark green diffe­rence

First of all, I would like to express my heart-felt sympathy to all the people affected by the terrible earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. The suffering there is incalculable. Fortunately, there are many courageous people hard at work in this region to help the most vulnerable humans and animals among the victims. Our friends from the Animal Save Movement have set up a centralised fundraising campai...

Expat or student in the Nether­lands? Make your vote count on March 15!

Expats and exchange students can vote in the upcoming elections in the Netherlands on March 15. Internationals are allowed to cast their vote for the water authorities – a lesser known but important political body where many decisions are made concerning nature, the environment and animals. The Party for the Animals calls upon everyone living in the Netherlands to make their votes count. For anima...

Help save animals caught in devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

While people are still being rescued from the rubble in Turkey and Syria, rescuers of Animal Save Turkey have started a parallel and less documented operation, risking their lives to save the huge number of pets and farm animals that have been abandoned, ‘orphaned’, trapped in buildings and deprived of food and water by the unimaginably devastating earthquakes that hit the border region. “We are w...