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Stop adver­tising for meat and air travel! Dutch world first gets inter­na­tional following

The Dutch city of Haarlem is the first city in the world to introduce a ban on meat advertising in public spaces. The livestock industry is one of the main causes of the climate and biodiversity crises, which is why the municipality wants to reduce meat consumption. Other cities have already banned advertising for fossil fuels, petrol cars and cheap air holidays. In Finland, too, the Finnish anima...

Support for better protection of thre­a­tened species and a ban on their commercial trade

Threatened species such as elephants, big cats, rays, and sharks should be given the highest international conservation status. Proposals to this end by, amongst others, the Dutch Party for the Animals, were adopted last week by the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI). These proposals include a ban on the commercial trade in these animals, establish...

Enormous success: over a million European citizens demand a Europe free of animal testing

Stop animal testing, protect cruelty-free cosmetics! Over 1.4 million people from 27 EU countries have spoken out against animal testing in the European Citizens' Initiative 'Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics'. A milestone on the road to a Europe free of animal testing. And this summer there was another breakthrough for laboratory animals in the Dutch parliament; no fewer than six proposals by the Party...