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Ban on puppy farms in Australia thanks to Animal Justice Party

Last week, the Upper House (Senate) in the state of New South Wales passed a bill proposed by the Australian Animal Justice Party to ban puppy farms. This is a huge breakthrough for the more than a hundred thousand puppies “produced” in intensive puppy-breeding farms or ‘puppy mills’ every year – and for their mothers. “Puppy farms are intensive breeding farms for the ‘pet industry’,” said Emma Hu...

Ecocide and animal suffering a criminal offence? Support for Party for the Animals plans in the European Parli­ament

Causing damage to the environment and causing animal suffering should be considered a punishable criminal offence in the EU. This is the opinion not only of the Dutch Party for the Animals, which made a series of proposals to this effect, but also of the European Parliament's Environment Committee, which voted on this in late October. Nationally, the Party for the Animals and its Australian sister...

Chris­tine’s Blog: World-improvers, unite!

You are, of course, used to reading the monthly blog by Esther Ouwehand, political leader of the Dutch Party for the Animals. Unfortunately, Esther has been suffering from some health problems due to constant overwork, and has temporarily stepped down as MP. Dutch law stipulates that MPs can be replaced for a fixed period of four months due to illness, which is what Esther is doing now. She wishes...