Historic Breakthrough: Australia and UK Ban Live Animal Transport!

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European Parties Reshape the Political System by Advo­cating for Animal Repre­sen­tation

Political parties dedicated to animal rights from six European Member States have joined forces to participate in the upcoming elections for the European Parliament in June. The participating animal rights parties from Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Cyprus and Spain united themselves under the name ‘Animal Politics EU: a European Movement Representing Animals’. The parties jointly lau...

EU spends millions in taxpayer money on meat ads

Last year, the European Union spent nearly 75 million euros in subsidies for the promotion of animal products, of which 29 million went to campaigns encouraging people to eat more meat. This was twice the amount spent in 2022, reported Dutch animal rights organisation Dier&Recht [1]. It is unfathomable that, the midst of a climate crisis, the EU chooses to subsidise the promotion of an ind...

Help the Finnish Animal Justice Party back into the Party Register

The EOP (Eläinoikeuspuolue or Animal Justice Party for full) was founded in 2015 in response to the human-centered politics of other parties. Even though these parties claim to care about animals, when it comes down to it, short-term human interests prevail at the cost of other animals and nature. EOP’s aim is to create a society that respects the rights and needs of all animals, humans and the re...