Dutch Party for the Animals forces minister to vote against glyphosate in EU Agricultural Council

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New Zealand welcomes a new political party for animal rights: the Animal Justice Party Aotearoa New Zealand!

A more compassionate New Zealand (or Aotearoa as the Māori call the country) for all just got closer. Animal Justice Party Aotearoa New Zealand (AJPANZ) is officially a registered political party. This milestone marks a significant step in advocating for animal rights and promoting a plant-based economy in New Zealand. AJPNAZ was incorporated in November 2022 and is now an officially registered p...

Party for the Animals: “A stricter European Nature Restoration Law is of vital impor­tance”

The majority of the European Parliament supports the European Nature Restoration Law, the first continent-wide nature restoration law in the world. However, this law – which is of direly needed – has been watered down considerably. MEP for the Party for the Animals Anja Hazekamp: “Whether the law will be sufficiently effective to truly restore Europe’s seriously damaged nature depends on the tenac...

Ecocide law proposed in the Nether­lands

Short before the summer break, Dutch Party for the Animals MEP, Lammert van Raan, launched a law proposal to criminalise ecocide in the Netherlands. If this bill passes, the concept of ecocide, the massive destruction of ecosystems, will be included in the Dutch criminal law code. Van Raan: ‘With this proposal, we’re introducing a new standard to criminal law’.