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    European elections 2019

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Successful Animal Politics EU Movement wins 2 million votes and 3 seats in the European Parli­ament

Last week, the international political movement for animal rights proved successful in the European elections. The Dutch Party for the Animals (PftA) will retain its seat in the European Parliament and the international movement Animal Politics EU will grow to a total of 3 seats. Both the Portuguese and the German sister parties of the PftA, PAN and Partei Mensch Umwelt Tierschutz, have won a seat...

Another victory for political animal rights movement in the Nether­lands, Germany and Belgium

Last week it became apparent that political parties for animal rights in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium have been successful in elections at different levels. For the first time in Belgian history, a Belgian member of parliament has been elected from an animal welfare party.

Mega loans to Ukrainian factory-farm MHP halted by The Nether­lands

A European mega loan to Ukrainian factory-farmed chicken giant MHP will likely not happen, thanks to efforts of the Dutch Party for the Animals (PftA). The company should also not call on the nationally-financed European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for future funding, as far as the Netherlands is concerned. This was unanimously decided by the Dutch House of Representatives last ...