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Party for the Animals urges European Parli­ament: reject destructive new agri­cul­tural policy

This week, the European Parliament will vote on some 270 billion Euros in European agricultural subsidies that are part of the Common Agricultural Policy. MEP Anja Hazekamp of the Dutch Party for the Animals has, together with other MEPs, submitted a proposal to reject these plans. "This agricultural policy is virtually a blank cheque to continue to subsidise environmentally harmful and animal-unf...

Dutch Party for the Animals submits a Climate Crisis Law

At the end of October, the Dutch Party for the Animals submitted a “Climate Law 1.5” proposal. With this new and stricter Climate Law, the party wants to force the government to actually treat the climate crisis as a crisis, and to pursue climate policies that focus on limiting global warming to 1.5°C at most. “This is the most direct translation of the Paris Agreement“, says Lammert van Raan, Mem...

Animal rights parties call for food revo­lution during global COP26 weekend of action

In Glasgow and across Europe, political parties for animal rights and our planet took to the streets to join the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice. Their message: in order to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises, we need to stop investing in the livestock industry. “The livestock industry causes more emissions of greenhouse gasses than all cars, ships, trucks, trains and airplanes com...