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Esther's Blog: Protecting human and animal health as much as possible

A lot has happened this summer. First of all, on behalf of our Party for the Animals, I would like to express my condolences to all the victims of the terrible explosion in Beirut. Many human and animal lives have been destroyed in a country that was already struggling. In recent years, we have gotten to know many people from Lebanon who dedicate themselves with heart and soul to a society in whic...

Party for the Animals pushes back against conce­alment of cruelty in animal agri­culture

In June, a new law came into effect in the Canadian province of Ontario that criminalizes the act of exposing cruelty and abuse in animal agriculture. This Bill 156 all but makes it impossible for animal rights advocates, whistleblowers and investigative journalists to bring animal abuse and malpractices to light. “It is a direct attack on basic civil rights such as the right to information, the r...

New party for the animals in Greece and successes in Denmark, France, and Italy

The international movement for animal rights and a liveable planet grew steadily this summer. Sister parties of the Dutch Party for the Animals in Denmark, France, and Italy achieved significant successes and a new Party for the Animals was established in Greece. “It is not without reason that the Dutch Party for the Animals is called the largest political export product of the Netherlands. It's g...