Eco-centric animal rights parties win in elections in Germany and Portugal

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Party for the Animals successful in the fight against pesti­cides

Thanks to a proposal by the Dutch Party for the Animals, the use of pesticides in Dutch agriculture is coming to an end. A majority of the House of Representatives last week supported the call to help farmers switch to an entirely non-toxic way of farming by 2035. And in the European Parliament, a majority voted in favour of the Party for the Animals’ proposal to ban a dangerous fungicide.

Party for the Animals wants plant-based food by default during upcoming UN Climate Summit

Anja Hazekamp of the Dutch Party for the Animals and six other MEP’s call on the organization of the 26th UN Climate Conference in Glasgow (COP26) to serve plant-based food by default during the two week long summit in November. “Less meat and dairy reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses and lessens climate change. Especially during a leading climate conference it is important to set the right ...

Esther’s Blog: Cherish the trees, stop cutting!

I concluded my last blog before the summer with lots of good news, but with big challenges as well like the climate crisis, the degradation of our nature and the role of the livestock industry in that matter. So after summer recess, we’re back full force to tackle these challenges. "Stop Cutting"Last week, the most important Dutch political moment of the year took place: the ceremony at which the...