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    European elections 2019

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How the Animal Welfare Party beat Labour and Conser­va­tives in local elections

Animal Welfare Party’s Jane Smith has made UK political history by retaining her seat on Alsager Town Council beating both the Labour and Conservative candidates with 357 votes (9.8%). How did she do it? She tells all about that in her blog, recently published in the Huffington Post.

Party for the Animals: Climate Champion in Brussels

The Dutch Party for the Animals has been declared the most climate friendly Dutch party in the European Parliament by the Climate Action Network Europe (CAN). Over the past five years, the Party for the Animals gained the highest number of votes on plans concerning climate protection, making it the Dutch climate champion in Brussels according to CAN.

Another electoral gain for Spanish Party for the Animals

PACMA, the Spanish Party for the Animals, has had another success in the elections last Sunday. However, despite the many votes, the party did not win a seat in the Spanish Parliament due to Spain’s lop-sided electoral system. However, according to opinion polls, PACMA will win two seats in the European Parliament. PACMA is part of a growing political movement of parties for animal right...