Party for the Animals pleads for an end to government-funded school milk

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Animal welfare successes in Australia thanks to Animal Justice Party

The Australian Animal Justice Party recently achieved many new victories in their struggle to change animals' lives for the better. Emma Hurst, Member of Parliament of New South Wales for the Animal Justice Party, secured government support for homeless animals and people, by making crisis locations and future social housing animal friendly, and by altering tenancy laws to make it easier for peop...

Help end the killing of kangaroos

The number of kangaroos in Australia increased over the past months due to weather conditions, which caused another widespread debate about massive culling actions. Millions of kangaroos are brutally killed and a large part of Australian kangaroo leather and meat is shipped to Europe for commercial use. Once again, experts and animal protectionists from Australia as well as Europe call for an end ...

Party for the Animals achieves major break­throughs against animal cruelty

A lifetime ban from keeping animals for perpetrators of serious animal cruelty, higher maximum sentences for animal torturers and a ban on killing your own pets. Thanks to the adoption of these three legislative amendments last week, the Dutch Party for the Animals has achieved a huge breakthrough in tackling animal abuse and neglect. Party for the Animals MP Frank Wassenberg is overjoyed: “Finall...