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Sign for cruelty-free cosmetics! Save millions of animals from new proposed tests

New animal experiments threaten to be introduced to test ingredients used in our toothpaste, shampoo, sun cream, and other cosmetics. This would condemn millions of animals to cruel and unnecessary experiments. But it can be stopped if 1 million European citizens raise their voice and sign the European Citizen Initiative to Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics before the end of August. Join all parties for...

Growth for animal rights parties in elections in France, Australia, the UK and Italy

Recent elections in Europe and Australia have shown the steady rise of political parties for animal rights, nature and the environment. Voters in France, the UK, Italy and Australia brought electoral wins to the Parti Animaliste, the Animal Welfare Party, the Partito Animalista and the Animal Justice Party Australia. A clear sign that the international animalist political movement is gaining groun...

Worldwide first: Party for the Animals to join the municipal executive in at least two large cities

A first for political parties for animal rights, nature and the environment: the Dutch Party for the Animals is to join the daily executive board of two large municipalities. With this change from opposition to the daily board of an administration, the party is writing history. “We are ready to take this responsibility now. The question that remains is whether or not the other parties are ready fo...