The Lebanese are setting the right example and are going vegan more often: for animals, health and planet

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Esther’s Blog: Team Planet in action!

The world is in urgent need of governments that show courage to make the choices necessary to keep the earth livable, for all of its inhabitants. That’s what I wrote at the end of March, in the aftermath of the Dutch elections. During these elections, the Party for the Animals grew once again, and we didn’t waste a minute in getting down to business. We asked the outgoing Minister for Agriculture ...

Party for the Animals calls for a EU-wide ban on keeping animals in cages after successful citizens’ initi­ative

The EU needs to introduce a legal ban on keeping animals in cages as a matter of urgency. This is the call MEP Anja Hazekamp of the Dutch Party for the Animals made during an official hearing in the European Parliament last Thursday, following the successful citizens' initiative 'End the Cage Age’', which was signed by 1.4 million citizens.

New Zealand bans live animal export! Parties for the Animals worldwide push EU to follow suit

Last week the New Zealand government announced to stop the export of live animals by sea. A historic decision applauded by animal welfare organizations and political parties for animal rights across the globe. Parties for the animals worldwide now urge the European Commission to follow New Zealand’s example in a joint letter. In European Parliament, MEP Anja Hazekamp has intensively campaigned for...