The use of agricultural toxins in Europe will remain unabated: EU pesticide reduction bill rejected

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Former UN Workers Accuse Agrilobby of Inti­mi­dation Over Landmark Report on Methane's Impact on Climate Change

Former officials of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations were censored, sabotaged and undermined after releasing several reports on the share of agribusiness in global greenhouse gas emissions, The Guardian reports. In 2006, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) published the report Livestock's Long Shadow which states that the agricultural sector was responsible for ...

Dutch elections in a week: a review of our recent achie­ve­ments

Parliamentary elections will be held in the Netherlands in just one week’s time. On 22 November, the citizens of the Netherlands will cast their votes for the parties that will represent them in the Dutch House of Representatives. The Party for the Animals currently holds six of the one hundred and fifty seats, and we are hoping for steady growth, just as in all previous years. What better time to...

Vast majority of European citizens want better animal welfare

A new Eurobarometer survey conducted by the European Commission in all 27 EU member states recently revealed that 84% of citizens in Europe are concerned about animal suffering in the livestock industry, and want animals in their countries to be given better protection. “This survey confirms once again that the vast majority of citizens consider the abuses suffered by animals in the livestock indu...