PftA wants an immediate ban on animal transport during heatwave

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MEP Hazekamp insists upon infrin­gement procedure after Romania autho­rises cruel shipment of 70.000 sheep to Persian Gulf

MEP Anja Hazekamp calls on the European Commission to launch an infringement procedure against Romania, after the country authorises mass transport of 70.000 sheep from the Port of Midia to the Persian Gulf while temperatures rise above 45 °C. This is in breach with European rules on the protection of animals during transport, which state that inside the vehicle or vessel, temperatures must be mai...

Mari­anne’s Blog: Less meat, less heat!

Summer has really started in the Netherlands. Many people enjoy a cold drink or a dive in the water to cool down, but millions of animals in the livestock sector are kept locked in stables, without any fresh air. We see trucks packed with animals on the road, being transported in the burning heat to slaughterhouses, sometimes dying of misery even before reaching their destination. A heart-br...

Party for the Animals calls for resis­tance to free trade agreement with South America which harms farmers, animals and envi­ronment

It seems negotiations on the free trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and South America have gained momentum. The so-called Mercosur trade agreement will enable the EU to import cheap meat from countries such as Brazil. This will be a disaster for animal welfare, environment, nature, and European farmers. In the Netherlands, the Party for the Animals is leading the opposition against t...