World first: Capital of Scotland opts for plant-based diet to tackle the climate crisis

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Party for the Animals wants a sustai­nable -and- cruelty free clothing industry

European plans to make the clothing industry more sustainable seem to have forgotten about the millions of animals used in the sector. Even though the production of fur, leather, wool and down causes immense suffering and environmental pollution, and increases the risk of zoonoses and pandemics. Therefore, the Party for the Animals submitted a series of proposals last week to ban widespread animal...

Protect hunting dogs, bulls and labo­ratory animals! Spanish animal rights party PACMA leads oppo­sition to ‘sha­meful’ law

The new animal protection law in the making in Spain threatens to exclude the majority of animals in this country from protection and weaken rather than strengthen their position. Wild animals, bulls, laboratory animals and hunting dogs are offered no protection in this bill. The Spanish animal rights party PACMA is calling on the government to withdraw this bill, and is campaigning all across the...

Chris­tine’s Blog: More activists in politics to save the planet

"World improvers, unite!", I wrote in my previous blog and that's exactly what I saw last week in Brussels during the international conference of the Animal Politics Foundation, our Party for the Animals’ international foundation. Activists, green politicians, and planet and animal protectionists from 25 countries came together to attend workshops and exchange ideas, with the aim of stopping the d...