Dutch Party for the Animals leads battle against CETA treaty

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Party for the Animals wants to tax animal slaughter

In early November, the Dutch Party for the Animals submitted an initiative on the taxation of animal slaughter, which MP Lammert van Raan will develop into a law in the coming period, enabling the Netherlands to become the first country in the world to effectively create a tax on meat. Van Raan: "The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agricultural products and is therefore dealing with ...

Esther’s Blog: The fight for eman­ci­pation continues

Early October, our founder Marianne Thieme said goodbye to the Dutch Lower House, after 13 years’ of service. She will continue to work for our ideals outside the Lower House. For now, I will take over her duties as party chair. This means that I will also write the monthly international blogs from now on. I am looking forward to keeping in touch via these blogs with the growing group of people, w...

Party for the Animals gets EP’s support to protect bees

Last week, the European Parliament led by the Dutch Party for the Animals has put a veto on the so-called guidance on bees. According to a majority of the MEPs, the European Union’s plans are not sufficient to prevent the extinction of bees, butterflies and other important insect species.