End of animal testing in sight! European Parliament urges for action plan on the initiative of Party for the Animals

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Ascending political ‘Parties for the Animals’ influence political debate worldwide

The past decade has seen the rise of a unique international political movement. All across the globe, political parties for animal rights, nature and the environment have emerged -and- been elected. Bringing an eco-centric and global perspective to the political arena, these parties aim to gain influence, not necessarily for power – and with success! Whether it is from within or outside parliament...

Break­through thanks to Party for the Animals: European Parli­ament recog­nizes the need to tackle livestock industry to fight climate and biodi­versity crises

Positive news from the EU after a summer of wildfires and alarming conclusions from the IPCC in its most recent report on climate change. Last week, a majority of the European Parliament’s Climate and Agriculture commissions, recognized the impact of our current food system on climate, health, and nature, and voted for substantial reform. A breakthrough long pushed for by MEP Anja Hazekamp of the ...

Heroes helping animals and humans in times of crises: Afgha­nistan and Lebanon

While Lebanon and Afghanistan are facing a humanitarian crisis, heroes within the local communities are giving the world hope and inspiration by still trying to help human and animals in need.