Party for the Animals calls on the EU to protect the last old-growth forests in Europe

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Party for the Animals: Ban over­fishing and EU subsidies of billions of euros for super-trawlers

The Party for the Animals condemns the Dutch government's fishing policy. Research by nature conservation organisations has revealed that in almost half of the cases (48%) the Netherlands sets fishing quotas that exceed the sustainable limit set by scientists. This means that too many fish are caught on a structural basis and that fish populations are not able to recover.

Esther’s Blog: Worldwide attention for nature and animal rights

Our movement for animal rights is growing internationally and the press is increasingly noticing it. Recently, for example, I was interviewed by Italian journalist Sabrina Giannini from the RAI3 television channel, who is making an investigative journalism program. It was about animal welfare in the Netherlands, Italy, and Europe and the international growth of our movement. The interview will be ...

Help the Animal Welfare Party bring compassion to UK General Election

The Animal Welfare Party (AWP) is contesting the 2019 General Election in the United Kingdom, taking place on 12th of December. With six candidates, the party is determined to bring much needed compassion into politics and is striving to create a fairer world for people, animals, and the environment. AWP is asking animal and environmental advocates to support their campaign with a donation. Earlie...