A successful achievement: The Dutch House of Representatives aims to end eyestalk ablation in shrimp

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Animals can’t vote, but you can!

This week - from 6 to 9 June - more than 400 million citizens across 27 countries can vote for the European Parliament. The EU has a big influence on your life, but also on the lives of many billions of animals. In order to keep our planet livable for current and future generations, we must drastically change our interactions with other animals. That’s why parties from the Netherlands, Ger...

Dutch Party for the Animals campaigns for European elections!

Anja Hazekamp, top candidate for the Dutch Party for the Animals, spoke at the kick-off for the European election campaign in Utrecht: “The tentative green course set by Europe faces a crucial test in the upcoming European elections. Deferred proposals for the benefit of animals and the planet are in danger of being wiped off the table completely as EU leaders succumb to pressure from the agri-ind...

Historic Break­through: Australia and UK Ban Live Animal Transport!

A historic victory for animals, as the United Kingdom and Australia approved bans on the export of living animals! Animal rights activists from all around the world have been tirelessly fighting for decades against the cruel export of animals. The Dutch Party for the Animals wants to thank everyone who has participated in protests, spoken out, fought for this ban in the political arena, and helped...