Animal rights

Animals are living creatures, not gadgets, toys or accessories and no products or means to entertain people. Animals deserve proper protection. This starts with the recognition of their rights and respect for their own nature and needs. It defines the limits of the purposes for which animals may be used.

We want to move away from the automatic assumption that animals can be used for just any purpose. Entertainment, sports, advertising purposes and fashion are not good reasons to use, harm or kill animals.

The welfare of animals is in peril due to the manner in which they are bred, traded, held and slaughtered. Any abuse or neglect of animals by humans calls for immediate and strong action.


Party for the Animals presents a ten-point plan against horror condi­tions in the livestock industry

A ten-point plan against abuse in the Dutch livestock industry and slaughterhouses. The Dutch Party for the Animals presented it last week in the Dutch Lower House to the Minister of Agriculture. This happened after more horror practices in the meat sector were unveiled. “We cannot wait any longer. If we do not intervene now, it means that we knowingly choose for countless animals to be seriously ...