Party for the Animals calls for a European ban on mink farming

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Massacre of over 500 deer and wild boar in Portugal confirms necessity to regulate hunting

The Portuguese animal rights party PAN (People–Animals–Nature) has strongly denounced the killing of 540 animals by 16 hunters in Portugal last month and has called the Minister of Environment and Climate Action to account. ‘Killing for joy and sport is simply inhumane and represents a serious civilizational setback’, PAN states. ‘It is simply unbelievable that such a massacre has been authorized ...

Esther’s Blog: To a greener and more animal friendly 2021!

We’re in the middle of the holiday season and the new year is quickly approaching. For many people, this is a time of reflection and a time to make some new year’s resolutions for the coming year. That holds true for Dutch politicians as well: starting on December 18th, they can use the Christmas recess as a much needed time to think and reflect. As I wrote at the start of 2020: the world is at a ...

Party for the Animals: “Crimi­nalize ecocide; recognize the destruction of nature as a crime”

The Dutch Party for the Animals wants international courts of justice to be able to prosecute CEO’s and government officials who make decisions that seriously harm the environment. Ecocide is a crime that involves the loss of ecosystems through gross negligence, damage or destruction. As such, it belongs on the list of crimes that can be brought to the International Criminal Court, states the part...