New Zealand bans live animal export! Parties for the Animals worldwide push EU to follow suit

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Pesti­cides in milk may be cause of connection between dairy consumption and Parkin­son’s disease

Scientific research points to a possible connection between the lifelong consumption of dairy products and a heightened risk of Parkinson’s disease. This connection might be caused by remnants of pesticides, consumed by cows in their fodder and subsequently finding their way into cow milk. The Dutch Party for the Animals has submitted written questions and pleads for stricter regulations on the ad...

Cruel pigeon-shooting sport banned in Portugal thanks to Portu­guese animal rights party PAN

A historic win was achieved last week by the Portuguese political party PAN – Pessoas-Animais-Natureza (People-Animals-Nature), when it’s bill on banning live pigeon-shooting competitions was passed in Portuguese Parliament. “This bill puts an end to an anachronistic and cruel activity that violated the Portuguese Protection of Animals Law”, the party states: “Yet another victory for animal welfar...

Help save 12,000 parrots in Madrid!

Spanish animal activists sound the alarm over unnecessary massacre of 12,000 parrots in Madrid. The city council plans to kill all registered specimen, claiming they pose a threat to residents, biodiversity and public health. All false allegations according to local animal welfare groups, who demand an ethical management of the parrot population in a petition that has already been signed almost 50...