Success Party for the Animals: MEPs want to stop importing Argentinian horse meat

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Esther’s Blog: Idealism is the new realism!

As I’ve already previously stated this year: we are at a turning point. Around the world, citizens are flocking to the streets to demand climate action. A wind of change is blowing. All kinds of measures that the Party for the Animals and its sister parties have been proposing for years, measures that were previously deemed unrealistic idealism, are now clearly necessary steps that scientists agre...

Steady growth of political movement for animal rights and our planet

The international political movement for animal rights, nature and the environment continues to grow. Ever more representatives get elected who explicitly put ‘the planet and all its inhabitants’ on the political agenda - most recently in Portugal and Australia. ‘A positive change is in the air’, thus Esther Ouwehand, leader of the Dutch Party for the Animals - the first such party ever to be elec...

Success in pushing back animal expe­ri­ments in Bosnia and Herzeg­ovina

No more animals will be used in education at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Sarajevo. Thanks to the Association for Animal Rights and the Environment of Bosnia and Herzegovina (EVA), students from now on will practice their skills on modern alternatives instead of real animals. Another step forward in the transition to a world without vivisection and animal experiments.