Party for the Animals submits 150 proposals for a sustainable, healthy and animal friendly food system in the EU

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Esther's Blog: Letting go of old habits for a healthy society

In 2020 it became clear that it is more necessary than ever for governments to do what they have been appointed for by the citizens: protect our well-being and our living environment. The now internationally infamous scandal surrounding childcare benefits is an example of how the Dutch government is failing in this regard: tens of thousands of families have become victims of racism within the gov...

Party for the Animals takes the lead in improving the European agri­cul­tural strategy

“Fewer pesticides, fewer antibiotics and fewer animals!” Last week, Anja Hazekamp, MEP for the Dutch Party for the Animals, presented plans to create an honest, healthy and sustainable food system 'from Farm to Fork'. Hazekamp: “The way in which food is produced in Europe has a substantial, worldwide effect on the climate and environment, as well as on the health and well-being of humans and anim...

Party for the Animals calls for a European ban on mink farming

To prevent future pandemics we should end the production of mink fur, Party for the Animals’ MEP Anja Hazekamp urged the European Commission last week. ‘Introduce a European ban on mink breeding as soon as possible,’ she said. ‘Or do you think the breeding and gassing of mink for fur is more important than the health of employees and neighbours of these companies, and of the rest of the world's po...