Social issues

Earth provides enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed. We want our government to be at the service of both people and animals, and guided by compassion and sustainability. Providing aid to the poorest and victims of famine and violence is a matter of civilisation. Human rights should be respected. We want a transparent democracy in which the citizen’s voice is heard, animal rights are self-evident and it is not the right of the strong, but the interest of the weak that counts.

The society the Party for the Animals stands for gives priority to sustainability and compassion over short-term economic gain. It respects the freedom and privacy of its citizens and gives them a greater role in decision-making than banks, multinationals and lobbyists. We want governments to give both people and animals the opportunity to live a good and fulfilling life.


Esther’s Blog: Lots of good news for the planet and all its inha­bi­tants!

There was a lot of good news last month for people, animals, and our planet! In one of my previous blogs I wrote that the world is at a tipping point. All over the world, people of all ages and backgrounds are taking to the streets or going to court to demand action to keep our earth inhabitable. More and more people are speaking up against injustice: injustices against people who are already stru...