Support UAnimals to save animals and nature in Ukraine during the war

3 April 2024

UAnimals is a Ukrainian organisation dedicated to supporting, saving and taking care of animals all over the country. Especially now, due to the war, the organisation’s work is of vital importance to Ukraine and all of its inhabitants. UAnimals asks for your support so that it can keep doing this important work.

About the organisation 

Founded in 2016 in Kyiv, Ukraine, UAnimals is a movement that promotes humanist values, with the overall objective of reminding us of the importance of the lives of all living creatures. UAnimals has organised animal rights marches for more than 5,000 people since then, and has been working relentlessly to amend the country’s national laws on the protection of animals.

Full-scale invasion and animals

Ever since the very day of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, UAnimals has organised rescue missions to war zones, evacuating more than 3,800 domestic and wild animals, as well as people who refused to be evacuated without their animals. This is one of the ways in which UAnimals is contributing to peace and safety in Ukraine.

The team has also been rebuilding animal shelters that were destroyed by Russian attacks. As the destruction of animal shelters has inevitably caused a significant increase in the stray animal population, UAnimals initiated a nationwide programme for the cost-free neutering of stray animals.

In 2023, at least 230,970 animals received help from UAnimals, and 940 tonnes of food were delivered to the most needed areas. Wounded or otherwise injured animals are also provided with ongoing medical assistance.


The Russian invasion has also been a key factor in the destruction of nature in Ukraine, on a scale that can justly be called ecocide. The damage inflicted has already reached the 50-billion-dollar mark. However, the most frightening thing is what is behind this figure: 2.4 million hectares of forests and arable land were damaged by fire, and 600 species of animals and 750 species of plants and fungi have undergone severe damage. At least 80 species of animal are now on the verge of extinction.

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Act now

UAnimals actively supports Ukrainian national parks, biosphere reserves and scientists to save the ecology while it is still possible. Together with the Ministry of the Environment, programmes are being developed and implemented to save the biodiversity of Ukraine, which represents 35% of the biodiversity of Europe.

We strongly believe we need to act now, and as nature and ecology have no borders, we invite you to be part of the solution.

You can support UAnimals and help save nature and animals from the war in Ukraine through a monthly membership: