Dutch Party for the Animals campaigns for European elections!

28 May 2024

Anja Hazekamp, top candidate for the Dutch Party for the Animals, spoke at the kick-off for the European election campaign in Utrecht: “The tentative green course set by Europe faces a crucial test in the upcoming European elections. Deferred proposals for the benefit of animals and the planet are in danger of being wiped off the table completely as EU leaders succumb to pressure from the agri-industry, major polluters and farmers’ protests. The time has come for us to fight for a liveable future, for humans and other animals.”

Hazekamp officially opened the European election campaign together with party leader Esther Ouwehand: “We can easily achieve the transition towards a healthy agricultural industry, but only if we to dare to name the elephant in the room. Abolishing the livestock industry is crucial for our climate, for nature, and to ensure that there is enough food for everyone. Nevertheless, Europe continues to stuff the livestock industry’s pockets with billion-euro subsidies. Instead, we should be using this money to help farmers switch to a sustainable livelihood, without intensive livestock farming, without animal suffering and without the use of agricultural toxins. It can be done, and our Anja Hazekamp is going to fight for this!”

During the campaign kick-off, Hazekamp spoke of the horrendous animal suffering she was witness to in recent years. She inspected numerous animal transports on location, where she uncovered horrific abuse. “Animals were kicked and beaten, transported during extremely hot weather and cooped up with tens of thousands of other animals on rickety boats totally unsuitable for this purpose. These transports can span several days – or even weeks.”

Hazekamp’s findings led the European Parliament to launch a parliamentary inquiry into structural abuses in animal transport. European rules on animal transport are also currently being updated. “Whether the new rules become strict enough to put a stop to animal suffering depends in part on the upcoming EU elections. A lot of money is made from animal transport, so we cannot count on everyone’s support in eliminating animal suffering. The same applies when it comes to protecting our environment, nature and wildlife. Many politicians listen to the lobbyists representing big business, but they are only interested in their own profits. Ensuring that animals, nature and the environment retain a strong voice in the European Parliament is literally of global importance.”

The European Parliamentary elections will be held on 6 June in the Netherlands. Join the fight for a sustainable future and vote for the Party for the Animals!

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