The Party for the Animals is Ready for the European Elections

Between 6 and 9 June elections for the European Parliament will be held in the 27 member states. On Thursday 6 June people in the Netherlands will get to vote.

Election Programme

Animal Politics EU

A plan of global importance

The Party for the Animals aims to show that a different approach is possible, just like we have in the past few years: by putting the change that is needed and the fate of animals on the agenda, by fighting for the ideals that enable this change, and by listening to independent scientists rather than the fossil and agro lobby.

We strive for…

  • A healthy, plant-based future and the end to the animal industry.
  • An economy that remains within the Earth’s carrying capacity, rather than striving for growth.
  • A world where animals can live according to their nature.
  • Rights for nature and criminalizing deliberate infliction of serious harm to ecosystems (“ecocide”).
  • Holding polluters accountable.
  • A European Union that always speaks out against violations of human rights and ecocide everywhere in the world.
  • Ending the use of toxins in agriculture, and creating healthy soil.
  • Protecting farmers against unfair competition, and strengthening their position in negotiations with supermarkets and food producers.
  • Making the train the fastest, cheapest and most pleasant means of international travel.
  • More transparency and stricter rules against conflicts of interest in European institutions.
  • Digital rights such as privacy and self-determination as guiding principles in how we deal with digital technology.
  • Opposing all forms of discrimination.

We need to stop incentivising the worst-case scenario. Party for the Animals dares to do what’s necessary. Together we can create a world where all inhabitants of our planet – humans and other animals – have the right to a safe, healthy and stable future. Our electoral programme “A Plan of Global Importance” offers a well-thought-out roadmap for this flourishing future.

A voice for the vulnerable

Everything of value is vulnerable, and requires our protection. Our soil, the air we breathe, the water we drink, our health and safety, our natural environment and oceans. They comprise the foundations of life on Earth. Yet the current economic system, which is directed at infinite growth, exploits the Earth and neglects all that is truly of value.

But a better world is not far away. In fact, we already have the solutions at hand! The Party for the Animals gives those who cannot defend themselves a voice in the European Parliament, together with our European sister parties, animal protectors, climate strikers, nature lovers and millions of citizens who understand that things can – and must – change.

The candidates for the European elections with party leader Esther Ouwehand and leading candidate Anja Hazekamp at the 38th congress of the Dutch Party for the Animals.


Biologist, animal activist, and current Member of the European Parliament Anja Hazekamp leads the electoral list. Hazekamp has achieved considerable successes over the past 10 years. At the initiative of Party for the Animals, the European Parliament organized a committee of inquiry into abuses in animal transport; as a result, the animal transport law was opened up with the aim of ending suffering during transport. New legislation for protecting pets, a ban on cages in animal farming, and stricter rules for slaughterhouses were also announced. The Party for the Animals led the fight against PFAS and major polluters and opposed whale hunting and overfishing.

Partly thanks to the growing movement of climate activists and animal and nature protectors, the European Union has been setting course for a greener world ever since the 2019 elections. In the time ahead, it’s up to the European Union to show that the green path started was actually just the beginning of a much-needed green shift in our society.

Backlash from established interests

However, European leaders are already shifting in the opposite direction. Pressure from lobbyists representing the commercial interests of large companies and farmers protests push away independent science. Many proposals to benefit animals and our planet were postponed or diluted at the very last moment. The plan to halve the use of agricultural toxins was rejected, the Nature Restoration Law is being shelved, and protection of wild animals, such as wolves, is in acute danger.

Now is the moment to let yourself be heard. Vote for the Party for the Animals in the European Parliament on 6 June!

Practical information

On this EU-website you can find more information per member state. Voting dates, participating parties and candidate lists vary per country. The video below explains how the elections work.

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