Animal Politics EU

A European Movement Representing Animals

Animals can't vote,
but you can.

Ready to be part of something big?

We are a European movement stepping up to represent animals in the next European elections. Supported by a growing community of EU citizens, six European political parties are dedicated to ending the cruelty faced by countless animals across Europe.

This movement is more than a campaign; it’s a core part of the world-changing shift to transform our society into a kinder, more ethical place for all living beings; starting in Europe. We're leading change from the centre of our democracy, influencing policies to ensure animals are represented fairly.

You can save a life by voting for a future where compassion is at the heart of our society.

Animals can’t vote, but you can.


The Objectives

Animals should be represented

  • Appoint an EU-Commissioner for Animal Welfare

Animals are not products

  • End cages
  • Ban animal transport
  • Close fur farms
  • Stop overfishing
  • Don’t open octopus farms

Regulate the animal industry

  • Mandatory slaughterhouse camera surveillance
  • Mandatory stunning during slaughter
  • Systematic control by independent authorities

Europe should change its system for animals

  • Prohibit the import of products that cause animal suffering
  • Shift EU farming subsidies from animal agriculture to sustainable plant-based farming

Animals are not an experiment

  • Abolish animal testing

Animals are not entertainment

  • Cease ‘sport’ hunting
  • Cut off funding for bullfighting

Protect animals in the wild

  • Guns don’t belong in nature
  • Wolves belong in nature
  • Create underwater protected areas

Care for companion animals

  • Combat illegal pet trade
  • Regulate pet care
  • Protect stray animals

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