Party for the Animals welcomes Animal Justice Party Aotearoa New Zealand as a sister party!

20 March 2024

Last week, we told you about our new Romanian sister party Partidul pentru Natură, Oameni și Animale (NOA). This week, we have even greater cause for celebration in this department: the Dutch Party for the Animals has officially recognised the Animal Justice Party Aotearoa New Zealand (AJPANZ) as a sister party!

This party was founded in 2022 and was granted legal status as a political party in 2023. It is the only political party in New Zealand whose primary purpose is the protection of animals.

The objective of the AJPANZ is the attainment of a society that recognises and protects the rights and well-being of animals. The party aims to achieve this through the following goals:

  • to promote the recognition of animal rights and the well-being of animals in New Zealand through education, advocacy and policy reform;
  • to educate the general public on animal rights and the importance of animal protection, and raise awareness for the impact of human activity on animal welfare;
  • to influence government policy and legislation to better protect the rights and well-being of animals, and to encourage other political parties to adopt animal-friendly policies;
  • to promote the election of Members of Parliament and local government officials who will lobby for animal protection and work towards a more humane and sustainable society;
  • to collaborate with other animal protection organisations and individuals to achieve their common goals and bring about positive change for the benefit of animals.

Current campaigns

One of the party’s current campaigns focuses on maintaining the current ban on the transportation of live animals via maritime routes for the purpose of export. In 2021, the New Zealand government announced its intention to stop the export of all live animals by sea. This ban took full effect in 2023, but the government currently plans to reverse it. You can visit the AJPANZ website to directly send an email to the ministers involved to put pressure on the government to maintain the ban. Another campaign pleads for the appointment of an independent Commissioner for Animals. According to the AJPANZ, this commissioner would be authorised to propose changes to legislation and enforcement where basic requirements are being ignored or compromised.

Curious about other campaigns? Visit the AJPANZ website and social media. Consider donating or becoming a member to contribute to their cause!


During the national elections in 2023 – the first elections in which the AJPANZ participated – the party received over 10,000 votes. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough for a seat in parliament. However, the party is optimistic about their future election results. Are you eligible to vote in New Zealand? Keep an eye out for Animal Justice Party Aotearoa NZ on your voting ballot!