Party for the Animals proposal to criminalise ecocide inspires worldwide

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Esther’s Blog: Lots of good news for the planet and all its inha­bi­tants!

There was a lot of good news last month for people, animals, and our planet! In one of my previous blogs I wrote that the world is at a tipping point. All over the world, people of all ages and backgrounds are taking to the streets or going to court to demand action to keep our earth inhabitable. More and more people are speaking up against injustice: injustices against people who are already stru...

EU ban on keeping animals in cages in sight: Party for the Animals calls on citizens to pressure the EU together

Last Friday, the Committee on Agriculture of the European Parliament voted for a ban on keeping animals in cages in the food industry. Following the highly successful citizens’ initiative that was signed by 1.4 million people, the end of the ‘Cage Age’ is finally in sight. In the beginning of June, the entire European Parliament will vote on the matter, after which it will be up to the European Co...

Historic break­throughs in legal protection of animals in the Nether­lands and United Kingdom

Thanks to three proposals from the Dutch Party for the Animals, animals in livestock farming are protected better than ever by law. The legislative changes passed by the House of Representatives last week will ensure that the natural behaviour of animals becomes paramount. Animals should no longer be adapted to the system (for example, by cutting tails), and are finally protected from barn fires. ...