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Intense animal suffering during maritime transport offi­cially confirmed: sanctions required

An official audit by the European Commission confirms that far too little is done to prevent serious animal suffering in long-distance sea transport, particularly in Romania. "This check confirms what we have known for a long time: animal transports by sea that Romania facilitates are unacceptable," said MEP Anja Hazekamp. Last year she called on the European Commission to take action, but it deci...

Worldwide call for a food revo­lution!

Fifteen animal rights parties across the world call on governments around the globe to take urgent action to create a safer, more sustainable and compassionate food system. In order to achieve this, the parties propose eight measures and have launched an online petition that will be delivered to different governments around the world. "The Covid-19 pandemic is another warning: the way we treat ani...

Race to vaccine offers oppor­tunity for animal-free research

Large numbers of laboratory animals are used worldwide in the search for a vaccine against the coronavirus. Because animal testing is seen as a crucial part of medical research according to stubborn assumptions. But the idea that "animal research could get us out of the lockdown at an accelerated pace is a false reassurance for which there is no indication whatsoever", said member of parliament fo...