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Corona crisis shows: current handling of animals is literally sickening

The Dutch Party for the Animals urges the European Commission to immediately suspend all cross-border animal transports as corona measures lead to extreme delays at borders, causing much animal suffering. In addition, the Party for the Animals is calling for more attention to the prevention of future pandemics - especially now. Party for the Animals MEP Anja Hazekamp: "The way we treat animals inc...

Party for the Animals wants a substantial increase in flight tax and investment in trains

The Netherlands Party for the Animals pleads for a substantial increase in flight tax. The current government's proposal to implement a flight tax of 7 euros per ticket is much too low to have a serious effect. The Party for the Animals’ member of the Lower House Lammert van Raan wants to increase flight tax to at least 90 euros. Additionally, it will bring the Dutch flight tax more in line with t...

Help stop cruelty to dogs in Moldova

Local authorities in the Moldovan capital Chisinau let dogs die every day from misery in a crowded kennel where they are kept, report local animal protectors. In 2018, the municipality had promised the Dutch Party for the Animals to implement animal-friendly stray animal policy in the short term.