Animal Politics World Confe­rence Food & Health 2021: Saving the World with Fork & Knife

Welcome to the conference page of the online Animal Politics World Conference 2021 - on our current food system & the need and possibilities to change it.

The conference took place on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of July 2021, featuring renowned keynote speakers and practical workshops, and showing inspiring examples from all over the world, from politics, grass-roots initiatives and pioneering entrepreneurs.

Missed it? You can watch the recordings now!

Full recordings of the plenary lectures of Day 1 and Day 2 are now available on our Facebook page or through our YouTube channel.

Subtitled recordings of separate lectures and some of the parallel masterclasses for conference attendants will soon be published on this web page, including the presentations shown by speakers and useful links to related information.

A healthy food system for a healthy future

More and more scientists confirm that, to improve our health, to prevent the spreading of pandemic zoonotic diseases (like COVID-19) and to preserve a liveable planet, it is necessary to transform the food system.

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The short animation "A Viral Spiral" by Steve Cutts paints a clear picture of the relation between our food system, public health and the well-being of animals, people and our planet.

We must re-imagine our food system to secure our future: to ensure healthy lives and livelihoods, to preserve nature-rich lands and waters and a thriving global community on this planet, and to free animals from a destructive industry.

Politics plays an important part in creating the necessary change, in collaboration with bottom-up initiatives from civil society and business pioneers.

The conference

This conference served as an interactive knowledge-exchange event. Participants from all over the world discussed different issues concerning the relation between food and health, the ecological and climate crisis, and looked into the possibilities to make a change through politics and policies, both locally and in cooperation.

Part of the conference focussed on masterclasses on lobbying, funding, communication, and strategies to make a positive change. Apart from politics and policy making, there were inspiring examples from grass-roots initiatives and pioneering entrepreneurs.

For more information on programme and speakers please check the conference folder.

For press

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Animal Politics Foundation

The Animal Politics Foundation (APF) is part of the Party for the Animals (PftA), a Dutch political party with 82 seats in the Dutch local, regional and national parliaments and in the European Parliament.

The Party for the Animals raises important issues that are ignored by other parties and promotes the values that matter most: compassion, sustainability, and the respectful treatment of people and animals. It renders a political voice to animals, nature, and the environment from an eco-centric perspective, stressing the inextricable link between the well-being of humans, animals and the global ecosystem.

Apart from that, the Party for the Animals is part of a worldwide and growing movement of (groups of) people working for nature, animals, and the environment in politics, in public administration and in society. The Animal Politics Foundation was founded to support and strengthen this movement, especially since our core themes – animals, nature, and the environment – are pre-eminently cross-border themes. The projects and activities of the APF focus on making connections, sharing knowledge, and expanding and reinforcing the network.