Animal Welfare Party

United Kingdom

Established in 2006, AWP believes in a better future for people, animals and the environment. Our policies are aimed at creating a fairer, more equitable and sustainable society in which the interests of the environment, people and animals are all taken into account. Key policies include:

  • Redirecting subsidies from livestock and fisheries farming to plant-based agriculture.
  • Phasing out animal experimentation with binding targets for reduction and proper support for alternatives.
  • Increasing penalties for those convicted of animal cruelty.
  • Promoting healthy plant-based lifestyle initiatives in schools, GP practices and the workplace.
  • Phasing out farming practices with poor welfare consequences for animals.


Blogue da Esther: Atenção mundial pela natureza e os direitos animais

Nosso movimento pelos direitos animais cresce internacionalmente e a imprensa também está notando isto cada vez mais. Assim, recentemente eu fui entrevistada pela jornalista italiana Sabrina Giannini do canal de televisão RAI3 que faz um programa de jornalismo investigativo. Tratava-se do bem-estar animal na Holanda, Itália e Europa e o crescimento internacional do nosso movimento. A entrevista se...