The Canary in the Coal Mine now in English e-book version

6 May 2016

The new book of Party for the Animals leader Marianne Thieme and professor of Financial Geography Edwald Engelen, The Canary in the Coal Mine, is now available as e-book. In this book the visions of Thieme and Engelen on economics and ecology meet. The English e-book is published specially for our international readers.

ebook Engels Thieme - Engelen The Canary in the coal Mine

Ewald Engelen and Marianne Thieme warn against the unsustainability of today’s politics and financial choices. Like a canary in a coal mine, they identify the dangers that jeopardise our future. Such as the fossil perspective, which has led to the near-complete depletion of the collected reserves of fossil fuels. Or the fact that famine is not the result of insufficient food production, but predominantly due to food distribution and waste issues. And that conflicts over water are not a thing of the distant future, but are already manifest in the present.

The majority of politicians and scientists opt for marginal changes within the status quo, focused on more economic growth and increased free trade. Ewald Engelen en Marianne Thieme advocate a radical change of direction. Engelen from an economic perspective, Thieme from an ecological standpoint. They reach a common conclusion: the financial system and the political structure are rotten to the core. Plan B is unavoidable.

Ewald Engelen (1963) is professor of financial geography at the UvA University of Amsterdam, where he studies the global financial system. As a publicist and activist, he is well-known for his criticism of the euro and TTIP, the trade agreement between the United States and Europe.

Marianne Thieme (1972) is the Party for the Animals group leader for the House of Representatives in the Netherlands, lawyer, animal rights and environmental activist and publicist. In 2002 she was one of the co-founders of the Party for the Animals.

The e-book is available on Amazon UK, Amazon Europe and Amazon AU. Also available on Kobo.