Worldlog week 40 – 2013

30 September 2013

Last week revolved entirely around the Parliamentary Debate on the Speech from the Throne. This is of the Netherlands most important debates and they always follow the week after Prinsjesdag, the day the government presents its budget and plans for the new parliamentary year and beyond.

Imade by contribution to the debate by arguing for a radical change of course. The budgets show the cabinet is continuing to blindly chase economic growth and has barely glanced at the long-term effects of their policy. Our country has 700,000 people who want to work, but cannot, and ‘hidden unemployment’ among freelancers isn’t even included. Youth unemployment is rising fast, but the cabinet is cutting back on those who are the most vulnerable. 700,000 people without work, as they remove employment opportunities for the old and sick. The cabinet says healthcare issues will be addressed in 2026. That’s when we’ll care for anyone who survives that long.

Governance used to mean foresight. And yet its’ highest principle know seems to be offering false promises about restoring the status quo. The promise is: if the economic growth increases, our problems will melt away like snow in the sun. Does anyone even believe that anymore? We need to do a complete 180 and make the earth’s limits, compassion, personal freedom, and personal responsibility the foundation of our policy.

Great news from Detroit. They’ve opened their first green hospital. This a great initiative the rest of the world should follow!

turtle-caught-in-plastic-ringDid you once have a six pack too? Photo from

Success for the dolphins of the Faroe Islands. Our motion demands European measures to stop dolphin slaughter in the Faroe Islands, and it was accepted. We think Europe should stand up against this massive ritual slaughter that takes place every summer. When the long-finned pilot whales – a protected species of dolphin – move during the summer months from once place to another to look for food, they face great danger when near the Faroe Islands. Those that live in this group of islands that belong to the Kingdom of Denmark, attack this migration every summer to perform a religious transition ritual. The ritual involves driving the dolphins violently into a bay where they are killed with sharp knives. Nothing is done with what remains of the dolphins. Experts have determined the meat isn’t edible because of the amount of harmful substances it contains. The Faroe Islanders therefore do it purely for the grisly deed itself. This is truly unbelievable. Hopefully this barbaric tradition will soon disappear!


These week I received the 2013 Michiel de Ruyter Prize for the meaningful work the Party for the Animals is doing for our society and for the animals in particular. I am honoured to receive this prize. It serves to encourage me in our fight to protect the interests of our society’s most vulnerable. It’s a feather in everyone in the Party for the Animals’ cap!

See you next week! Marianne