Questions from Party for the Animals’ MEP Anja Hazekamp regarding the killing of stray dogs in Ukraine

24 April 2017

Several media reports on the killing of stray dogs in Ukraine in the run-up to the Eurovision Song Contest

1) In 2011, the Commission stated that there had been ‘some recent signs of progress’ regarding the ‘brutal killing of stray dogs’ in Ukraine [1]. Does the Commission continue to believe that progress has been made regarding the treatment of stray dogs in Ukraine?

2) Does the Commission distance itself from the cruel treatment of stray dogs, and will it address the Ukrainian government about their violation of the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals?

According to supporters of the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement, the agreement would lead to better animal welfare in Ukraine and at the request of a party, consultation between the EU and Ukraine on animal welfare would be possible (Article 68).

3) Considering the Association Agreement and the Commission’s commitment to ‘closely monitor bringing Ukraine’s legislation in line with EU standards’, does the Commission see possibilities to enter into consultations with Ukraine and force the country to end the killing of stray dogs and, if not, shouldn’t better guarantees for animal welfare have been required during negotiations?