Meat the Future

The book Meat the Future explains the relationship between food security and animal protein among other things. In this book, scientists describe the impact of meat consumption on all urgent issues, such as the reduction of biodiversity, land and water use change, and the disruption of the nitrogen and phosphorus cycle, and they elaborate on how this relates to food security. Drastically cutting meat consumption would greatly benefit all these areas. To answer the question of how to achieve this, some scientists point out the altered behaviour that is required from governments, consumers and the food industry alike, while others provide an overview of the rapidly expanding availability and number of meat alternatives and studies pointing out the health benefits of plant-based diets.


More! has become the key topic of our society: more of everything and more than what is available. During the past decades of unprecedented prosperity, people started to believe that our economy is not only limitless, but also a condition for happiness and wealth. In More! Marianne Thieme has brought together scientific views that chart the current crises and help to find overall solutions. The contributions come from independent scientists who are worried about the future of humans, animals, nature and the environment, and advocate radical policy changes from their different viewpoints. They all take the limits of the earth as a starting-point for our actions. Together these scientists have written a guideline for different, sustainable policy choices, which have become inevitable as a result of our addiction to growth and debts.