Worldlog Week 46 – 2012

12 November 2012

It is great news that Barack Obama was re-elected. His re-election means a better future for the United States. But now let’s hope for real progress in the areas of tolerance and sustainability. If you compare the results in the USA with the situation in the Netherlands, the outcome in the USA can be described thus: “the voter has decided that Obama and Romney will have to work together”. After all, in addition to the presidency, there are changing majorities in the house of representatives and the senate. From that perspective, we can say it’s all “much ado about nothing”.

My favourite candidate in these American elections was Jill Stein, the green candidate. Her aim is to transform the white house in a “green house”. I would like to thank her for bringing compassion and sustainability to the campaign! Excellent!

A greater focus on sustainability in order to reverse climate change in the USA is – to put it mildly – no superfluous luxury. Click here for information on reconstruction efforts after hurricane Sandy.

Last Friday, Queen Beatrix visited the province of North Brabant, where she attended a discussion on intensive factory farming in the province. We welcome the fact that the issue of factory farming in Brabant is being discussed and the presence of the queen meant the issue got more attention.

However, it is important that the queen get a full and balanced impression of the problems in Brabant. Consequently, it is vital that, in addition to farmers and local people, also social organizations and representatives from interest groups are present during the discussion. I have submitted parliamentary questions regarding the parties invited to participate in the discussion as there is the feeling that worried residents and environmental organizations mostly have to resort of demonstrations to get the attention of Her Majesty.

PiepVandaag, an internet community of people concerned about animals, nature and the environment, has started a petition against the animal-unfriendly activities of Belgian artist Jan Fabre. This so-called “artist” filmed cats being thrown up into the air to land on some stairs for an art project. Some of the cats did not land on their feet and the crying was chilling. Unbelievable that someone could do this to living creatures that are aware and feel! Previously, Fabre covered the ceiling of the royal palace in Belgium with 1.5 million shells from Thai jewel beetles. Sign the (Dutch) petition at .

Great example of life in the banking sector: A Loo With A View. How bankers in Frankfurt literally look down on the populace that made them rich.

Until next week,