Worldlog Week 22 – 2010

4 juni 2010

In this week’s Worldlog a photoreport documenting the activities of the Party for the Animals during the election campaign.

In the heart of the area affected by Q fever, a message has appeared on a farmer’s barn that seems to call for the parliament to focus more attention on combating Q fever. On a farmer’s barn in the province of North Brabant, a graffiti-style image has been created of a goat on a parachute with the caption ‘Q could you drop me in Parliament?’

The statement would seem to be by the mysterious London artist Banksy, who in his work draws attention to animals, nature and the environment. Visit this site for more work of Banksy. We don’t know if the statement is really by Banksy or a good imitation.

In the province of Limburg I joined the protest walk ‘Loop voor Hoop’ (walk for hope) against the intensive farming industry and the arrival of mega-sties.

In the province of Utrecht I opened an animal-friendly fish ladder.

Symbolically releasing a fish in the water at the animal-friendly fish ladder in Schalkwijk

And in the province of Zeeland I helped remove a fence that was a danger for the animals in a nature reserve.

I am happy to report that in the Netherlands we have already had many showings of the new documentary Sea the Truth by the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation. So far, folks have been able to admire the movie in Tilburg, Leiden, The Hague, Middelburg, Driebergen, Nijmegen, Utrecht and on Vlieland. Here are a couple pictures of the evening in Tilburg:

The Party for the Animals has also been busy campaigning for the upcoming national elections as you can see:

Next Wednesday all Dutch citizens have the opportunity to vote for a new parliament. A very exciting time but you’ll have to wait till next week for my election report. We are going for a gain in seats but we know that during the current crisis, both voters and political parties will tend to think of their wallets first and foremost. Short-term interests are at the top of the agenda…how can that be?!

Until next week,

Marianne Thieme