Animal Justice Party


Established in 2010, the Animal Justice Party represents the interests of animals in the decisions of parliaments throughout Australia. It currently has over 5000 members. The AJP had its first representative elected to the upper house of the New South Wales state parliament in March 2015. More elected representatives followed after that.

Key priorities of the party include: ending the live export of animals; ending the killing of protected native wildlife such as kangaroos; ending cruel ‘intensive’ farming practices such as battery cages and sow stalls and other practices; and recognising that positive human engagement with animals creates a stronger, wiser, respectful, compassionate and healthier community.


Australian Animal Justice Party stops draconian laws that attack whistle-blowers who expose animal cruelty

Thanks to Andy Meddick, Member of Parliament for the Animal Justice Party in Victoria (Australia), last week the Victorian parliament rejected laws that attack whistle-blowers who expose routine animal cruelty. This is another successful defeat of so-called ag-gag laws, laws that forbid the act of undercover filming or photography of activity on farms, particularly targeting whistle-blowers of ani...