Worldlog Week 05 – 2010

5 February 2010

We are currently very busy preparing our campaign for the upcoming council elections. We have grown by 50% in the national polls and in Amsterdam we could possibly outgrow the largest party in government, the Christian Democrat Appeal (CDA).

Q fever is meanwhile spreading insidiously and has already taken hold in wild animals, meaning hunters run an elevated risk of infection. Perhaps it’s better to simply leave the animals alone!

Last week we debated increasing the sentence for animal abuse. I proposed an immediate lifelong ban on any recidivists from owning animals and it appears the idea just might have the majority vote.

Last week the senate approved a bill to criminalise bestiality. It is a shame that it never turned into a true animal protection act, but rather on of morality. Although animal pornography is now banned, the factory farming industry continues to meet out similar treatment, such as masturbating horses, bulls and pigs, flushing embryos, artificial insemination, castrating un-anaesthetised pigs, by virtue of their profession. And what’s more, do this work for 25 years and you might just be awarded a royal honour.

We voted for the act nevertheless and it was ratified with a small majority after intense lobbying from our senator Niko Koffeman. We voted for the bill because it is a small step in the right direction and it will encourage discussion.

Two interesting articles for you: New York Times columnist Mark Bittman calls for a seven day meal plan that will leave people slim and spare the climate.

There is every reason to follow this advice. The dairy industry is preparing a great offensive to inform us that milkfat is healthy.

This is a campaign that will pull every marketing trick it can. Is it coincidence that I received a hoax email this week that warns against margarine consumption and promotes the use of butter? Read about it here in English.

Would you readers please be so kind as to keep an eye out for any claims in your language about the supposed health benefits of milkfat? We like to keep on top things!

See you next week!