Party for the Animals wants a substantial increase in flight tax and investment in trains

18 March 2020

The Netherlands Party for the Animals pleads for a substantial increase in flight tax. The current government's proposal to implement a flight tax of 7 euros per ticket is much too low to have a serious effect. The Party for the Animals’ member of the Lower House Lammert van Raan wants to increase flight tax to at least 90 euros. Additionally, it will bring the Dutch flight tax more in line with the British flight tax.

Van Raan: It is quite unbelievable that in times of climate crisis the aviation industry is again spared by the Dutch government. 7 euros per ticket is a joke. We need to make clear choices: 90 euros will be added to economy class airline tickets; 200 euros will be added to business class airline tickets.

Additionally, the Party for the Animals is proposing to make freights subject to a higher tax and to tax people taking a private jet 600 euros. But according to Van Raan, it will not stop at that. “Higher flight taxes are just part of the total package. Many more measures need to be taken along with these higher prices for the aviation industry to stay within the limits of climate, living environment and safety.

In addition to flight tax, Van Raan believes that kerosene should also be taxed, that Schiphol Airport's airport charges should be increased, that maximum CO2 emissions should be set for airports, and that the number of take-off and landing rights should be restricted considerably.

The proceeds of the flight tax must, according to Van Raan, be used for railway developments. “This will work both ways. Our proposal contains that short flights will be taxed considerably more to encourage people to look for alternatives, such as trains. Subsequently, the flight tax proceeds should be used to actually make travelling by train more attractive.