Worldlog Week 25 – 2010

25 Ιουνίου 2010

Last week a lost orca was found in the Wadden Sea to the North of the Netherlands. The young, weakened orca has been housed in the Dolphinarium here in the Netherlands. The Party for the Animals all efforts should be oriented towards getting the orca back to the ocean. My colleague and Member of the Lower House Esther Ouwehand therefore asked parliamentary questions to the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) to find out which protocols are being followed in the animal's care and later return to the wild. In order to make the return as successful as possible, it is important for example that the orca have as little contact with people as possible. We would also like to see an investigation into the reasons why the animal became lost in the Wadden Sea. I hope at any rate that the orca's story has a happy ending and that she can enjoy her freedom again as soon as possible.

The Party for the Animals is also concern about the way in which Google Streetview is collection people's personal information. I therefore asked questions in the Lower House last week to the Minister of Justice to clarify what Google Streetview can and cannot do in connection with privacy laws. An article in 'de Pers', a daily commuter newspaper, revealed that Google used Streetview cars to collect not just images and WiFi hotspot details, but also email account passwords and parts of email messages. French organisation CNIL found out.

The Party for the Animals wants the Dutch government to demand, just as France did, the details that Google collected and use them to investigate a breach of privacy. We also want the Streetview cars to no longer have access to the Netherlands before privacy can be guaranteed.

A good message! Last week there was a proposal to legally allow commercial whale hunting. During a summit on whaling in Agidar, Morocco, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) gave a hearing to such parties as the European Union to not allow this proposal to pass.

The proposal was a compromise between whaling and non-whaling countries, as every year conflict develops on whether to lift or not lift the ban on commercial whaling set in 1986. The Party for the Animals wants closer supervision on the commercial whaling ban because countries such as Norway, Iceland and Japan are not keeping to this decision. That is why we have called on the government to openly support the complaint Australia recently laid against Japan. The legal proceedings are to stop the whaling that Japan has been guilty of for decades. Japan admits catching whales for scientific purposes, but the meat simply ends up for sale on the market.

Using a motion, we want to our government to send a letter of support to the Australian government for its initiative to drag Japan in front of the International Court of Justice. The Party for the Animals also wants the Netherlands to offer support and help in the procedure against illegal whaling.

One more positive message to close. Because of a letter from the Party for the Animals to local government in Spanish Cantabria about deplorable conditions in a dog shelter, positive developments are now under way to improve these dog's lots. The local government changed its position the moment they read our letter and was prepared to listen to the advice given by Spanish animal organisations. It is good to know that the Party for the Animals can make a difference abroad too!

See you next week,