Animal Politics World Confe­rence gathers scien­tists, entre­pre­neurs, activists and poli­ti­cians

7 juli 2021

In the upcoming online conference ‘Saving the World with Fork & Knife’ experts, politicians, NGO’s and activists from all over the world will look into the impact of our current food system on public health, animals, environment and nature. Practical workshops and presentations of inspiring examples will also have them think about possible alternatives and effective action for change.

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The short animation "A Viral Spiral" by Steve Cutts paints a clear picture of the relation between our food system, public health and the well-being of animals, people and our planet.

More and more scientists confirm that, to improve our health, to prevent the spreading of pandemic zoonotic diseases (like COVID-19) and to preserve a liveable planet, it is necessary to transform the food system. As reports by Global Forest Watch, the IPBES and scientists show, the intensive meat and dairy industries are among the major causes of climate change, deforestation and the loss of biodiversity, and the way we treat animals in livestock industry is not only cruel, but literally sickening as well.

In order to secure our future, to ensure healthy lives and livelihoods, to preserve nature-rich lands and waters, to free animals from a destructive industry and to support a thriving global community on this planet, we need to re-imagine our food system. And according to the Dutch Party for the Animals and its international network of sister parties, politics plays an important part in creating the necessary change, in collaboration with bottom-up initiatives from civil society and business pioneers.

Saving the World with Fork & Knife – internationally
As these are transnational issues per definition, the Dutch Party for the Animals – the first successful party for animal rights, nature and the environment to be elected in parliament worldwide – has founded an international foundation. This Animal Politics Foundation (APF) aims at inspiring, building and supporting an international network of people, groups and organizations striving to achieve positive change in animal rights, nature protection and climate action through politics, policy making and awareness raising. To this end, the APF now offers two days of lectures, practical workshops and interactive masterclasses with speakers and participants from all over the world, within the context of its yearly world conference.

The programme is packed with expert lectures and practical workshops on food and ecology, food and pandemics, lobbying, grass-roots initiatives, transition theory, political advocacy and the role of business and pioneering entrepreneurs. Renowned entrepreneur Kees Kruythoff, former CEO at Unilever who chose to change to the LIVEKINDLY collective of plant-based food brands, speaks alongside co-founder and executive director of Stop Ecocide International Jojo Mehta and Dutch MP Lammert van Raan.

Other speakers include medical doctor and professor of blood-borne diseases Hans Zaaijer; professor in Plant-Based Nutrition Shireen Kassam; researcher Helen Harwatt of the think tank Chatham House on Food and Climate Policy; animal activist Seb Alex of Lebanese Vegans; founder of the first ever vegan hospital Georges Hayek and economist and politician Henriëtte Prast, initiator of the concept ‘Plant-based by default’. The leading international food awareness organisation Proveg International offers a masterclass on effective lobbying and Esther Ouwehand, party leader of the Dutch Party for the Animals will share experiences from the first political party for animal rights.

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Impression of the APF World Conference in Lebanon in 2018.

Sign up for the conference!
The conference will take place online on the 10th and 11th of July. The Application is now open until the 27th of June to representatives of political parties for animal rights, nature and the environment as well as for representatives of organisations and initiatives or individuals working for animal welfare, nature and/or the environment and our ecosystems.