PACMA calls for ‘zero tole­rance’ law on animal cruelty

23 מאי 2017

On 16 May, Spanish animal rights party PACMA submitted a proposal to the Spanish Congress of Deputies for a ‘zero tolerance’ law (Ley Cero). This law guarantees the humane treatment of all animals and protection against mistreatment. As a consequence, it includes, among other things, measures to ban bullfighting, hunting and the use of animals in circus acts. The law also provides federal funding for projects aimed at educating the public and raising awareness of the way we treat animals.

PACMA members with letters forming the words “Ley Cero”

The proposal calls on the Congress to combine the different criteria for the humane treatment of animals, currently scattered across various regional laws in the 17 autonomous regions of Spain, to create a single, national law.