German party for the animals wins a seat in regional elections

19 November 2018

This month, the German Party for the Animals, “Partei Mensch Umwelt Tierschutz” (Tierschutzpartei), has officially been elected to the district council of Upper Bavaria.

Dr. Suzanne Wittmann, newly elected council member of the Tierschutzpartei in the German district of Upper Bavaria

Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern) is one of Bavaria’s seven districts and surrounds the city of Munich. Dr. Suzanne Wittmann, a Munich doctor, received the most votes on behalf of the Tierschutzpartei, winning her a seat in the district council.

Over the next five years, Wittmann will be working towards an honest policy for the people, the environment and the animals of Upper Bavaria. She will mainly concern herself with improving hospital conditions and with promoting plant-based agriculture and a plant-based diet.

The Tierschutzpartei now has a total of three elected representatives in local councils: in Magdeburg, Essen and Munich (Upper Bavaria).