Worldlog Week 28 – 2009

10 July 2009

This is my final worldlog before the summer recess. I’ll be in Rio de Janeiro next Wednesday to speak at the world veganism congress where the film Meat the Truth will also be screened. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, be sure to drop by!

You can view Meat the Truth with Portuguese subtitles online here.

Last week in The Hague I met with representative of the newly established Portuguese Party for the Animals. It’s always great to to meet such motivated people. They come from so many different countries but share the same ideals!

Fernanda Roxo & Marianne Thieme

Our scientific bureau, the Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation, is preparing a new film about the death of the seas and oceans. The first takes were shot last week on the Azores under the direction of Karen Soeters.

Before we break for the summer vacation, I’d like you to join me in taking a stand against cruelty to animals. Puerto Rico is planning to start a primate breeding centre to provide subjects for animal laboratories. Go here to express your opposition!

Bolivia has set a good example by banning circuses with wild animals. Unfortunately, there are still many countries (especially in South America) where circuses featuring wild animals are seen as legitimate forms of popular entertainment.

And some positive news. The VitaGoat project helps children in poor countries gain access to soymilk that is produced in their own villages.

The Dutch section of the project has been nominated in an “ideals” competition being run by a national Dutch newspaper. Lend them your support and vote for the VitaGoat project.

I wish you all a great summer and I hope we see an explosion of parties for the animals all over the world!

Until 23 August !