Worldlog week 17 – 2015

20 April 2015

Every year, thousands of migratory birds rest in Malta during their migration from Africa to Europe. But this stopover has a dark edge because last week Malta again opened its annual pleasure hunt for those migratory birds. Tens of thousands of birds are shot dead every spring because of this. The Maltese government permits hunters to shoot eleven thousand turtle doves and five thousand quails. It has been known for years that thousands of other birds, including birds of prey and other protected birds species, are shot at the same time, which is in conflict with European legislation for the protection of birds, but nevertheless the Maltese government fails to take action. Our party therefore called on the European Commission to call Malta to account in order to stop the island’s cruel bird hunt.


The European Union and Japan are currently negotiating a free trade agreement. This agreement is unacceptable as long as Japan continues to be guilty of whale hunting and dolphin slaughters in Taiji. Moreover, whale hunting is contrary to international agreements! We should not enter into a free trade agreement with a country that fails to comply with international agreements and which continues its cruel slaughtering. Trade interests should never be more important than norms and values. I have therefore tabled a motion asking our government to severely demand the stop of this cruel practice in its negotiations.


Finally, after years of struggle, the Dutch government has announced to ban wild animals in circuses. This decision is currently drafted and will likely become effective in autumn. Last week, we tabled two motions to further expand the ban. We want llamas, alpacas, camels, and dromedaries, which are not contained in the draft decision, to be also included in the ban on wild animals in circuses. As far as we are concerned, the ban should also apply to reptiles and birds.


It’s one meat scandal after the other! In addition to antibiotics resistance due to absurdly high use of antibiotics in livestock farming and meat that was found to be contaminated with bacteria, the consumer is also misled about the origin of the meat offered for sale. Butchers in the Dutch city of The Hague sell turkey for lambs meat. This deceit makes them great money because turkey is much cheaper than lamb.

Another butcher, Christiaan Rauffaus from Germany announced that he intends to steer a different course with his sausage production company. Germany’s largest sausage producer wants to start focussing on vegetarian products! He said, “The sausage is the cigarette of the future, it will not be long before eating meat will have an image as bad as smoking has had over the past few years.” It is a trend to be continued as far as I am concerned!

I just learned that our sister party in Australia the Animal Justice Party gained a seat in New South Wales in the regional elections. Great to hear! We are not only represented in our country, Portugal and Germany, but now also in Australia. I wish the newly elected people’s representative Mark Pierson great success!

Have a wonderful week!