Stop cruel killing of parakeets in Madrid! Activists and Spanish animal rights party sound alarm

14 December 2021

Parakeets living in Madrid’s city parks are systematically being shot. Animal activists, city residents, and the Spanish political party for animal rights PACMA sound the alarm. For there are far more ethical alternatives to handle this man-made ‘problem’.

Ever since the Madrid City Council announced the killing of thousands of parakeets living in the Spanish capital in April, animal activists have been sounding the alarm and proposing more animal friendly alternatives. Allegations of the animals being a threat to public health, biodiversity, and residents are all false, according to animal welfare groups and the political party for animal rights, PACMA. Moreover, both these groups and veterinarians have pointed out that there are humane alternatives to control the population without killing any animals, such as sterilization. Alternatives that are more effective and more economical at that.

But neither the numerous spring protests organized by local activists, nor the 32.000 signatures presented to the council by PACMA Madrid seem to have convinced the Madrid City Council. Three weeks ago the culling of parakeets has started as it was originally planned: parks have been shut down on a daily basis since then, for a private company to exert its task and shoot as many parakeets as possible.

In response, activists have protested outside parks and collected footage of the shooting. A demonstration organized by PACMA in front of the City Council on November 30 was joined by many activists and city residents, urging the council to stop this cruel campaign. Unfortunately, all efforts until now seem to have been to no avail.

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