PACMA, a Spanish party for the animals founded in 2003, bases its program on animal welfare, the environment and social justice. The party has been growing fast in every election.

PACMAs focuses on addressing - by legal and political means – for example animal abuses, cruel entertainment with animals, and unjust laws for animals. The party conducts awareness campaigns and public demonstrations (against Toro de la Vega , bullfights , San Fermin, etc. ). Moreover, PACMA researches and documents cases of animal abuse, making reports and dossiers, developing proposals for governments and legislative initiatives, etc.


Protect hunting dogs, bulls and labo­ratory animals! Spanish animal rights party PACMA leads oppo­sition to ‘sha­meful’ law

The new animal protection law in the making in Spain threatens to exclude the majority of animals in this country from protection and weaken rather than strengthen their position. Wild animals, bulls, laboratory animals and hunting dogs are offered no protection in this bill. The Spanish animal rights party PACMA is calling on the government to withdraw this bill, and is campaigning all across the...