Canada bans cruel animal testing for cosmetics!

12 July 2023

Last month Canada passed a ban on animal testing for cosmetics, concluding that the testing is cruel and unnecessary. Canada joins a growing number of countries who have passed laws to limit or ban animal testing for cosmetics. Banning animal testing worldwide can save billions of animals. Already in 2018 the European Parliament, with the support of the Dutch Party for the Animals, has called for the global ban of testing cosmetics on animals.

Canada now bans companies from testing cosmetic products on animals, and from selling cosmetics that have been tested on animals. The ban applies to different cosmetic products like shampoo, shaving cream, makeup, perfume, and deodorant.

The Animal Protection Party of Canada has been asking for this ban for years, arguing that there are no reasons to torture innocent animals for cosmetics since there are already cruelty-free ways to test cosmetics. Canada’s ban now will save the lives of millions of animals like dogs, cats and mice.

But the fight continues to end animal testing worldwide and for other products as well. In 2021 the European Parliament supported the call for an action plan to end animal testing in Europe as quickly as possible. Thanks to a proposal by the Dutch Party for the Animals, this action plan must include concrete targets to phase out the number of animal tests. Animal testing leads to horrific animal suffering and costs a lot of time and money, while it has by now been proven that animal tests are inadequate. More and more non-animal alternatives are available that are better suited for research and education, and for testing the safety of substances.