Parties for the Animals worldwide support mass protest ‘Misión Aboli­ción’ against bull­fighting

12 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018

On 15 September, the Spanish Party for the Animals, Partido Animalista (PACMA), will organise its annual mass protest against bullfighting in Madrid. PACMA is urging everyone to take part in their protest, called ‘Misión Abolición’ – Abolition Mission – by coming to Madrid, signing the petition or joining the social media campaign, starting tomorrow. Every one of PACMA’s sister parties, including the Dutch Party for the Animals, is supporting PACMA’s campaign.

PACMA’s international campaign poster against bullfighting

Every year thousands of people join the demonstration, making it the largest protest against bullfighting in the world. This year, PACMA will pay particular attention to the notorious ‘becerradas’, the name given to bullfights involving very young bulls and cows under two years old. Like adult fighting bulls, the young animals in these bullfights are tortured and killed. These animals are essentially just baby animals who are still weaned on mother’s milk. Their coordination is not developed yet, causing them to keep falling over. Their horns are not even fully formed yet. The young, defenceless calves do not stand a chance.

Thousands of becerradas take place in Spain every year. There is no way of describing the suffering of these animals, but this video provides a view of the cruel reality.

Make yourself heard on social media
PACMA is urging everyone to show their support on 12 September by sharing a photo or video of themselves on social media – their faces painted with green or black stripes as shown in this video – using the hashtag #MisionAbolicion and #STOPBecerradas. The plan is to use every social media channel to its full extent in the coming days and thereby attract as much attention as possible to #MisionAbolicion on 15 September. You will find more information in Spanish here. On this website, you can also sign the petition against ‘becarradas’.

PACMA is also urging people to call upon the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, to put an end to these atrocities, by sending a tweet to @sanchezcastejon.

Party for the Animals MP Frank Wassenberg takes part in the social media campaign

Every year thousands of animals die a horrible death during bullfights: a misnomer for an event that has little to do with competition, since it involves a sword-wielding matador and a confused, mentally tortured and physically weakened animal. It is PACMA’s belief, as well as that of the citizens of Spain and 18 other parties for the animals worldwide, that it is high time to stop this cruel event once and for all.