Worldlog Week 09 – 2013

25 februari 2013

Scientists from around the world gathered in the United States last week to discuss the vegetarian diet and its health benefits for people. Last Saturday, I gave a lecture on what the Party for the Animals is doing to promote a healthy vegetable-based lifestyle. It was a success!

Anyone who maintains that horsemeat is not at all as bad as you might first think should watch this.

This week my colleague Esther Ouwehand submitted parliamentary questions on collisions between the ships of animal rights organization Sea Shepherd and ships of illegal Japanese whalers. The Japanese whalers rammed the boats of Sea Shepherd to prevent them staging a blockade action. We have asked to Dutch government to request clarification from the Japanese ambassador regarding these collisions at sea, particularly given the fact that the Sea Shepherd ships attacked sail under the Dutch flag.

The documentary produced by our scientific bureau NGPF on ten years of the Party for the Animals now has English subtitles and can be viewed on YouTube. This is the link!

British newspaper The Guardian ran a very interesting article on the massive and secret funding of climate change deniers.

Pat Derby, the world-famous animal-rights activist, died on Friday 15 February. She founded the Performing Animal Welfare Society and did fantastic work for animal welfare. She will be missed!

Sjoerdje, the brave cow we saved from the slaughter house last year, is no longer with us. Sjoerdje lived a wonderful year at cow rest home De Leemweg where she could live out the rest of her days as a cow. Unfortunately she succumbed to an illness. We want to thank all those who supported Sjoerdje!

The Dutch anti-vivisection society ‘De Anti Dierproef Coalitie’ is the first animal-welfare organization to launch a European Citizens Initiative. Click on this link to find out more.

My Worldlog is shorter this week owing to the spring parliamentary recess. But this week it’s back to work in the Lower House! Till next week, Marianne