Animal Protection Party of Canada


Animal Protection Party of Canada is a federally registered Canadian political party. They are dedicated to the protection of all animals and the environment primarily through electoral politics and legislative advocacy but also through research, education and rescue. Canada’s “first past the post” electoral system presents enormous hurdles in electing an Animal Protection Party of Canada representative to the House of Commons. So the party’s mission is to reward politicians who work to protect animals and the environment and hold accountable those who don’t.


Party for the Animals pushes back against conce­alment of cruelty in animal agri­culture

In June, a new law came into effect in the Canadian province of Ontario that criminalizes the act of exposing cruelty and abuse in animal agriculture. This Bill 156 all but makes it impossible for animal rights advocates, whistleblowers and investigative journalists to bring animal abuse and malpractices to light. “It is a direct attack on basic civil rights such as the right to information, the r...