Worldlog week 51 – 2013

16 December 2013

This week the Animal Politics Symposium: Theory and Practice was held in Istanbul. It were two inspiring days with lecturers and visitors from all over the world. The host country Turkey, Kosovo, Australia, Canada, the United States, France, Israel, Sweden, Serbia, Georgia, the United Kingdom, Morocco and Tunisia were among the countries represented at the symposium, which was organised by our own Animal Politics Foundation.


I found it enormously inspiring to meet so many people who are devoting heart and soul to giving animals a voice in politics. My colleagues of the parties for the animals in Turkey, Australia and Portugal held a lecture, like I did, on the role of their party in the political social-field in their home country. It’s interesting to see that there are so many resemblances. And it is great to notice that our Dutch party is a good example for animal protectors all over the world. Maneka Gandhi from India also gave a presentation. She is a prominent animal protector and was the first minister for Animal Welfare in India. A very special person and an inspiration to us all.


Apart from politicians there were also many contributions from scientists. It’s good to see that there is much attention for Animal Politics from the scientific corner. It’s important – and encouraging – that there is an interaction between the theory and practice of this emancipation movement. The founder of the animal rights movement, the American philosopher Tom Regan held a very fascinating lecture. He thought that it was great to be at a gathering where there were so many people who put animal rights into political practice. Three researchers of the Center for Animals and Social Justice also attended the symposium. And Professor Will Kymlicka, Maartje Janse and Professor Paul Cliteur were among the people who held a lecture. Have a look at the full programme here.

At many people’s request, we have filmed the contributions of the lecturers and we will shortly publish them online. Highly recommended! Below is a photo report of the symposium.







Until next week!