Unique in the EU: Animal welfare is binding part of Brexit nego­ti­a­tions

18 February 2020

“Animals should not become victims of Brexit”

The European Parliament wants the European Union (EU) to make animal welfare a binding part of its negotiations on the future relationships between the EU and the United Kingdom. A proposal of the Dutch Party for the Animals to this end was supported in the European Parliament.

Party for the Animals’ MEP Anja Hazekamp.

The parliament advocates for high standards in the field of animal protection and for fair competition between British and European farmers. The parliament also rules out the possibility of importing meat, eggs or live animals from the United Kingdom to the EU if the European animal welfare regulations are not at least met.

“A unique decision of the European Parliament because the EU normally does not include binding animal welfare requirements in treaties with third countries,” according to Party for the Animals’ MEP Anja Hazekamp. “This is an important step. A ‘race to the bottom’ as regards animal welfare should be avoided; animals should not become victims of Brexit" according to Anja Hazekamp.

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