EU has to take action against horri­fying bull festival

17 November 2015

The Party for the Animals demands that Europe should assume responsibility and call on Spain to stop the horror festival Toro de Jubilo, where a live bull is set on fire. During these annual Spanish ‘celebrations’ a young bull is tied to a post on the market square and tar is attached to its horns and set alight. The bull is then released and chased until it dies after a long death-struggle.

Europe often hides behind the excuse that it is not permitted to make laws on traditions. But that doesn’t mean that it can look the other way on indescribable horrifying events as Toro de Jubilo. Spain must be called to account if the EU wants to continue to maintain as a community of values,” according to Hazekamp.

Additionally, the Party for the Animals wants an assurance that EU subsidies are not used for festivals where bulls are abused. “The European Parliament has spoken out against subsidising the breeding of bulls for the bullfighting industry. We also want the assurance that European agricultural subsidies will not benefit Spanish horror festivals like Toro de Jubilo,” according to the Party for the Animals.