Elections are of course very important for political parties for the animals. Each election offers our international movement the chance to gain stronger political representation and thus make even more positive difference for animals, people and our planet. Below you will find more information and an overview of news about the various elections in which animal rights parties have participated all over the world.

European elections

Parties for animals share a fundamental principle to protect the interests of the weakest against the might of the strongest. Serving the interests of humans and animals alike. Gaining greater political representation for animals and our planet in the European Parliament would be a major step in the battle for animal rights and a sustainable future. To achieve this, parties for the animals work closely together during the European parliamentary elections.

To support the campaign of seven European parties for animals in 2014, we made this video:

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In 2019 our group of European parties for animal rights and our planet grew from seven to eleven parties. Those parties wrote a joint manifesto for the European elections: Animal Politics EU. Together they also made this video to campaign for better representation of the welfare of animals, people and our planet in the European Parliament:

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Some of the electoral programmes of the Party for the Animals have been translated into English, for your information and inspiration: