Growing oppo­sition in Asia: Taiwan first Asian country to ban dog and cat meat

4 יולי 2017

In April, Taiwan became the first country in Asia to outlaw both the sale and consumption of dog and cat meat. The new bill, which also includes several other measures, was adopted by the Taiwanese government in order to improve animal protection in the country. Offenders can be fined up to € 7,400 and anyone who intentionally harms or kills animals will face a maximum of two years in jail. On top of that, offenders will be publicly named and shamed. The Taiwanese animal welfare party Trees Party is also working hard to protect animals and their natural environment in Taiwan.

Wendy Higgins of the animal protection organisation Humane Society International has observed a growing trend across Asia: “Taiwan’s new law is part of a growing opposition to dog meat trade in Asia and it shows us that a majority of Asian citizens are repulsed by the idea of eating dog and cat meat. Taiwan also sends a strong signal to countries such as China and South Korea, where the dog meat trade remains high and millions of dogs are severely abused before being slaughtered. The time for change has come, and bans like this one show the world that the anti-dog meat campaign is not only supported in the Western world. The animal protection movement in Asia is growing rapidly and the call for an end to cruelty to dogs is becoming louder and louder.”