Finnish sister party EOP parti­ci­pates in elections for the first time

11 אפריל 2017

Last Sunday 9 April, our Finnish sister party EOP participated in the municipal elections in Finland for the first time. EOP took part in the elections in a total of six municipalities. They had candidates in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Nokia, Salla and Vesanto. These are the first elections for the party, which was established in 2014.

EOP describes its party as ‘a political party that aims to make Finland a country in which the rights of all animals are recognized’. Their mission is to ensure justice for all animal species and to end the use of animals as production machines. EOP was born from a desire to make animal rights a subject of political debate and decision-making.

Marianne Thieme: “We are keeping our fingers crossed for a good result for our colleagues in Finland. The representation in Finland of our worldwide movement of political parties for animals would be wonderful.”

In Marianne Thieme’s Worldlog of next week we will look back on the elections, hopefully on a Finland that has chosen its own representatives from a party for animals.