Worldlog week 48 – 2013

25 November 2013

Last week, I was given the opportunity to support the response team of the Dutch relief effort, giro 555, by registering donations to help the people of the Philippines. In addition, bids could be made for my jacket shown on one of our campaign posters.

Filipijnen Photo Credit Pio Arce Genesis Photos - World Vision

Photo Credit: Pio Arce/Genesis Photos – World Vision

I am extremely worried about the increasing number of natural disasters and the intensity with which they occur. Climate experts have affirmed that global warming causes severe natural disasters. Naturally, we do not know whether the typhoon Haiyan is a direct consequence of climate change, but I assume a no regret scenario: we are partly responsible for climate change, so let us now take real action to minimise our share by changing our way of life. We are the only political party who has made a documentary on the subject matter:

Climate change has major impacts, particularly on countries such as the Philippines. Let us from the West take responsibility for the consequences of our gigantic emissions of greenhouse gases and help those countries. Cameron, the prime minister of the United Kingdom also advocates a no regret scenario. It is one of the few occasions I agree with him …

Here is another interesting article: Turning point in how West thinks about climate change?

Naderev Sano, a climate negotiator of the Philippines has stated: ‘Typhoon Haiyan the result of climate change’

During the STEPS international Film Festival in Ukraine, our film ‘The Pacer in the Marathon’, on the history of the Party for the Animals (PvdD), has won the award for Best Documentary on Animal Advocacy. It is good that a film festival further boosts the discussion in Ukraine on human and animal rights and nature preservation. It is badly needed there. Have you not seen The Pacer in the Marathon yet? You can watch it here.

The Dutch animal welfare organisation PETA has made a short film on the gruesome truth behind the ‘production’ of angora wool in China. Beware: the images are shocking. It is a film with a very clear message: Do not buy angora sweaters! Last week, I asked parliamentary questions about the import of angora products from China. We want a European import ban on angora products. As long as the ban is not in place, there must be a clear labelling system, so that people can choose not to buy angora sweaters (from China).

Angorakonijn Foto Picasa wesphetvoetje

Foto: Picasa/wesphetvoetje

Last week, I participated in a debate about the future of our food. In the debate, I reiterated that if Dutch consumption patterns were to be adopted globally, we would need four globes. Bill Gates has said that the future of meat is plant-based. And so it is.

Megastal 9

In Norway, for instance, the Norwegian army is going to combat a new enemy: climate change. Their weapon is a MeatFreeMonday. Read more about it here.

Sign the petition to deny American trophy hunter Melissa Bachman access to South Africa. On her website, you will see what horrible hunting practices this American actress promotes.

Some time ago, we sent a certificate of appreciation to Bob Barker, a major TV personality from the United States, for his remarkable work on improving animal welfare of animals in factory farming. He was very honoured and issued a press release about it last week. Great! He wrote in his press release: “I’m touched and moved to receive this recognition for my efforts to correct the inhumane treatment of farm animals. It’s gratifying and reassuring to know that this call to action is heard across international borders and leads to this kind of responsible political activism.”

Every week, I spend a few words to promote our wonderful symposium in Istanbul on 12 and 13 December. You can still register!

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