Party for the Animals - Plan B: for there is no planet B

The Party for the Animals' single concern is our planet, with all its inhabitants. We advocate a beautiful, healthy living environment, with clean air, clean water, and fertile soil. A sustainable, caring society in which people live in harmony with each other, with their surroundings, and with animals. A world in which we take care of those in need, treat each other equally, and protect what is truly valuable - health care, education, art, nature, the environment, climate, human and animal rights. A world in which the focus is not on economic gain and the short-term interests of part of humanity, but on everyone's well-being in the longer run. We have a planet-wide, eco-centric perspective. And in this we are unique.

The opportunity of a lifetime
We are at an important crossroads in history. Our living environment is in bad shape and many people are rightly concerned about climate change and the loss of nature, which threaten the future of young people and our children. The current neoliberal growth model is exhausting our planet and causing immense suffering to people and animals. We must stop cutting the branch we are sitting on. When politics changes course together with citizens, we can keep the earth liveable for humans and animals. Precisely this is the Party for the Animals' mission. And concrete proposals to achieve that are offered in our Plan B.

We want:

  • an end to intensive livestock farming: significantly fewer animals in livestock farming and more organic and plant-based farming for local use
  • animal rights in the constitution
  • nature to be strengthened, enlarged and connected
  • less and greener aviation, more and faster international train connections
  • to tax polluting companies so that the polluter pays
  • to end free trade agreements like Mercosur and CETA, since they are disastrous for human rights, farmers, animals, and the environment
  • higher salaries for people in care and education
  • a higher minimum wage
  • a basic income, so that everyone can live a decent life
  • affordable rental housing
  • a humane refugee policy and a fair distribution of refugees among countries in the EU
  • an action plan against racism and discrimination
  • more money for art, culture, and heritage

The way we treat animals and nature is a major threat to public health. Three quarters of the new infectious diseases threatening humans arise from the way we interact with animals and nature. The Party for the Animals believes that we must do everything we can to prevent a new pandemic and to protect human health. And this is possible. If we help farmers switch to sustainable agriculture, do away with intensive livestock farming, and finally give nature the protection it deserves, together we can ensure that we do not have to experience another pandemic like COVID-19. Because a safe world for animals is a safe world for people.

Plan B
Our Plan B stands for a courageous politics that looks beyond the issues of the day. For fundamental positive change and creative solutions. Not just for tomorrow, but for our common future on this beautiful planet. Together we can turn this crisis into a turning point and bring about the change in course that is necessary for a sustainable future.

Take sides. For the animals. For yourself. For our children and grandchildren. For the planet. Get involved and join our growing international movement!

Read the full election program of the Party for the Animals, Plan B - Idealism is the new realism.