Greek Party for the Animals


The Greek Party for the Animals was founded in February 2020 to address the destruction of nature and the large-scale negligence, abuse and exploitation of animals that takes place in Greece. We want to make animal rights a political issue in our country and the rest of the world and to combat acts and regulations that go against the well-being of animals, nature and the environment.

The party consists of a team of passionate people determined to fight for animal rights and the improvement of animals’ living conditions: stray dogs and cats, donkeys being used as transportation means, bulls and other domesticated animals being sacrificed at festivals, animals being slaughtered without anaesthesia. The main goal is to sensitize people about animals’ emotional status and their ability to suffer pain and distress. The party also aims to stimulate the transition to veganism by educating people about the benefits of a plant-based food system to people’s health and the environment.


Esther's blog: Multiple successes and soli­darity with animal protec­ti­o­nists in Morocco and Greece

Result! This was a month of big breakthroughs for the animals! The Dutch parliament supports three very important legislative changes by the Party for the Animals: much harsher penalties for animal torturers, a lifetime pet ban for the worst offenders and a ban on pets being killed by their owners. The Party for the Animals has been fighting for this for years. There are also positive developmen...