New party for the animals in Greece and successes in Denmark, France, and Italy

25 August 2020

The international movement for animal rights and a liveable planet grew steadily this summer. Sister parties of the Dutch Party for the Animals in Denmark, France, and Italy achieved significant successes and a new Party for the Animals was established in Greece. “It is not without reason that the Dutch Party for the Animals is called the largest political export product of the Netherlands. It's great to see that more and more people worldwide are entering politics to champion compassion, animal rights, and a livable planet”, said Christine Teunissen, senator for the Dutch Party for the Animals. "Together we can make a difference."

Members of the newly established Greek Party for the Animals.

Launch of the twentieth party for animals worldwide
In Greece, the Komma gia ta Zoa (Party for the Animals), founded in February, has recently been officially recognized. This is the first time in Greek history that a political party with an ecocentric perspective has actively put animal rights and animal welfare on the political agenda. Among other things, the party calls attention to the situation of stray and pack animals, animals in the livestock industry, and the necessity of transitioning to a more plant-based diet. With that, the international movement now has twenty sister parties worldwide.

Local advance France and Italy

In the French municipal elections in June, the Parti Animaliste, founded in 2016, achieved a historic victory with the election of no fewer than 12 candidates. With that, the French party for the animals is represented for the first time in local politics in 11 major cities, including Grenoble, Montpellier, Nantes, and Paris. There, the party advocates a humane stray animal policy and an animal-friendly approach to rats, the greening of menus in government canteens, and the protection of the environment.

In the mean time, the Italian sister party, Partito Animalista, is preparing for the regional elections at the end of September. At the beginning of August, the party already gained representatives in the Valle d'Aosta region by participating - for the first time - in a council group: a partnership with the closely related regional party VdaLibra. "A historic day for Italian 'animalism' ", emphasized representatives of the council group. "With this, the Partito Animalista joins the institutions that matter politically." In the upcoming elections, the two parties will also work together to put a sustainable economy and food supply, animal and civil rights, and respect for the Earth on the political agenda.

Big step forward in Denmark

This summer, it was also announced that the Danish Veganerpartiet has collected enough voting declarations to participate in the next national elections. Recently, the young Danish party (founded in 2017) has been actively campaigning - online and on the street - to familiarize people with its existence and ideas. And with success! Within a few months, the party managed to amass the required 20,000 voting declarations. This offers opportunities in a country that worldwide has the largest pig farming per capita and that is one of the largest exporters of pork and mink fur in Europe.