Join us in asking Europe to protect animals!

23 December 2021

Fill in the official questionnaire of the European Commission!

Animal transports that last for weeks, the shredding of day-old chicks, the sale of live lobsters: with its sister parties around the world, the Dutch Party for the Animals has been fighting for years to put an end to animal suffering in Europe.

And that has paid off - the tide is turning!

In the coming years, European legislation for animals will finally be revised. And you can influence whether the EU will truly put an end to animal suffering.


Complete the official questionnaire of the European Commission before the 21st of January. This questionnaire is intended to gauge the opinion of citizens and companies on European rules that should protect animals.

One of the questions, for example, is whether Europe should ban the transport of animals to countries outside the EU. Well yes, of course!

And should minimum standards for keeping mink, raccoon dogs and foxes be introduced, thereby giving fur breeders license to continue these cruel practices? No, certainly not! Animals and their fur aren’t fashion accessories.

Some questions are complicated. Would you like to know how we completed the questionnaire? Check out our animal-friendly answers. The last question gives you the opportunity to say what you think should change for animals in Europe. Examples to consider: putting an end to the fur industry, banning the force-feeding of animals for foie gras, or freeing the last circus animals.

Practical information

The official questionnaire can be found on the European Commission's website. You can complete the questionnaire by logging in with your Twitter, Facebook, or Google (Gmail) account. If you don’t use any of those services, you can create an account on the European Commission website. And if you’d rather not do that, you can download the questionnaire, fill it out on paper and email it to

Thank you!

The more animal lovers fill out the questionnaire, the greater the chance that we can stop animal suffering. So, please help to make the difference:

  • Fill out the questionnaire
  • Share this message with as many animal lovers as possible

Because Brussels does nothing for animals without our joint efforts.

What we stand for

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