Growing resis­tance: Portu­guese party for the animals obtains a seat in national Parli­ament

13 October 2015

On Sunday 4 October, PAN, the Portuguese party for the animals, won a seat in national Parliament! This makes PAN the second political party in the world to protect primarily the interests of animals, nature and the environment with a representative in national Parliament. The Party for the Animals congratulate PAN wholeheartedly on their seat! This success conveys a strong signal to traditional parties: change is badly needed.

On World Animal Day, more than 74,000 Portuguese voted for PAN (Pessoas – Animais – Natureza, i.e., People – Animals – Nature). With 1.39% of the votes, this made André Silva elected deputado. PAN already obtained seats in municipal councils before, but their seat in Parliament allows the party to protect the interests of animals, nature and the environment at a national level as well. The success of PAN is a major development for animals as well as people in Portugal.

The outcome illustrates the growth of the worldwide movement of people who feel the need for a political movement that does not focus primarily on the short-term interests of people, but on the planet with all of its inhabitants. Since the foundation of the Party for the Animals in 2002, parties for animals have been founded or are in formation in other countries as well, including the United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy, France, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, the United States, Australia and Canada.

Marianne Thieme made a support video for PAN. Watch the video here.