Greece, vote for compassion, vote for Green & Purple!

21 June 2023

The Animal Politics Movement supports the Green & Purple coalition during the upcoming national elections in Greece on 25 June!

Our sister party, the Greek Party for the Animals (Komma Gia ta Zoa) is part of the Green & Purple coalition, together with other green and social parties. The coalition consists of 260 candidates, of which 65 candidates from the Party for the Animals. They all strive to win as much seats as possible in Greek parliament to make Greece a greener, animal friendly and more inclusive country.

Komma Gia ta Zoa was founded in February 2020 to address the destruction of nature and the large-scale negligence, abuse and exploitation of animals that takes place in Greece. Last April, the party got its first municipal representative. And during the national elections, on June 25, the party has a chance to elect 3 parliamentary representatives as well.

It is time for Greece to take its responsibility when it comes to the climate crisis and the way animals are treated in the country. Nikos Raptis, founder of the party, says: “The interests of humans are the same as those of animals and nature. If we continue to treat animals the way we currently do, we force our children to fight for a livelihood and our grandchildren to fight for their lives.”

Are you eligible to vote in Greece? Vote for the Green & Purple coalition on June 25!