Expat or student in the Nether­lands? Make your vote count on March 15!

1 March 2023

Expats and exchange students can vote in the upcoming elections in the Netherlands on March 15. Internationals are allowed to cast their vote for the water authorities – a lesser known but important political body where many decisions are made concerning nature, the environment and animals. The Party for the Animals calls upon everyone living in the Netherlands to make their votes count. For animals, nature, clean waters and a healthy living environment.


Water is of vital importance for every form of life, and pollution, floods and extreme droughts are cross-border issues by definition. The low countries are famous for being largely below sea-level and for their water-rich landscape. Yet, climate change leads to rising sea levels and persistent draughts, making dikes susceptible to damage and large parts of the country vulnerable for flooding. Meanwhile, the Netherlands have the poorest quality of water in all of Europe with all due results for biodiversity and public health.

That’s why the Party for the Animals urges all residents to go vote. “You can still choose! There is no time to lose.” The party wants to put an end to the pollution of waters with fertilisers, hormones and toxins caused by intensive animal agriculture and other industrial activities. To save plants and animals from extinction and to recreate a healthy environment for people. To restore water quality and take climate action to safeguard the survival of life on earth. And to treat animals living in and around our waters with care and respect.

More information on the party’s plans and ideas is available in English in the Water Board election flyer and in its planet-wide election programme for national elections in 2021: Plan B – Idealism is the new realism. A summary of the main plans in this programme is available in 12 other languages as well. Ever since its election into national parliament in 2006, the Party for the Animals has been steadily growing and working hard to achieve its eco-centric goals in local and regional councils and in national and European Parliament.

Where and how to vote
This March 15 the Party for the Animals will participate in the majority of Water Boards (Waterschappen) and all provinces. Internationals who temporarily or permanently live in one of the participating Water Board regions can cast their vote for these water authorities.

Check out this map and click on your province of residence to find out which Water Boards are responsible in your region (see: ‘Waterschappen in jouw provincie’ below on the right) and who are the Party for the Animals’ candidates.

Find more information on how and where to vote.